NOM's Brian Brown

‘It will not be long before young children are taught in New Hampshire schools that they can marry someone of the same sex’

SOUNDBITES — “Governor Lynch and a narrow majority of the Legislature today have ripped a significant hole in the fabric of New Hampshire society by passing same-sex marriage legislation. The institution of marriage has served our country well since its founding. The vote of the legislature sends New Hampshire into dangerous waters. It will not be long before young children are taught in New Hampshire schools that they can marry someone of the same sex if they wish – that gay marriage is just as good as marriage. […] Overall, this is a sad day for families and a sorry performance by the elected leadership of New Hampshire” — National Organization for Marriage executive director Brian Brown [NOM]

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  • Peter

    I guess that the National Organization for Marriage, is NOT and organization FOR marriage after all. Too bad some can be such bigots, when most of christian history approved of gay marriage.

  • HayYall

    Good! We could always use a few more recruits!

  • thatguyfromboston

    And this is a bad thing how?

  • Bruno

    And if one asks Brian Brown why “gay marriage” isn’t as good as “marriage” (I assume he means “opposite marriage”?), we have to get to the underlying root of the issue for people like him. Because gay is not equal to straight, in his mind. And that’s why he and his cronies are losing this fight, because people believe in equality.

  • alex

    What is the correct and reasonable response to this concern for people?

    I discovered someone from my HS who had added me as a friend in facebook supported Prop 8. I have been emailing her and getting her to understand that civil laws and religious laws are diff and that she can believe strongly one thing but still realize that we are allowed to believe another and should be treated equally. She told me that the Yes on 8 pamphlet that she read worried her because she doesn’t want her small children taught at age 7 that gay marriage is ok in public school. I have said that is a compelling argument that use because it will manipulate people into voting away my rights. But I want to provide with her the correct facts to ease her fears. Also am trying to explain to her that her kids will find out because they will have friend with two moms or two dads.

  • Hexx

    @alex: I would take a look at the memo by one Morris Thurston, a mormon legal scholar from Brigham Young who actually debunked these myths. He states that in California educational codes, there are always opt-out options for parents to choose to not have their children in class when certain subjects are taught (sex ed, for example.) Also, the CA educational code states that children will be taught age-appropriate information in matters of sex ed/HIV-AIDS prevention, and are taught to respect marriage and committed, loving relationships. Marriage in general, mind you. Not just gay marriage. And committed relationships could include domestic partnerships or life partners. here is a link to the memo. I find this to be an invaluable resource when debating, especially because it was written by a Mormon. (that reason might be shallow, but I find that some people tend to say “well that person is an athiest anyway, why should I listen?”)

  • Chuck

    Do these campy haters at the fake sounding NOW rip off national org for marriage understand the concept of the psychological shadow concept? It’s where the thing that bother you most in other people are the things that you can’t face and hate about yourself. That fat dykey spokeswoman who’s always on Larry King should explore that with her psychologist, find a nice trucker chick and settle down and stay out of our lives.

  • AustinAbomination

    Hmmm. And if someone had told me at age 7 that boys could marry other boys I might not have hated myself for the next ten years. Yup. Sucks that 7 year olds in NH may not have to go through that any more.

  • Hexx

    @AustinAbomination: Agreed to the nth degree, multiplied by infinity, and translated into at least 17 other languages.

  • me

    I don’t really get it. They can marry a person of the same gender later in life, so why don’t people want their kids taught about it? Ignorance of something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

  • holla

    @me: Exactly. They will be taught it because it’s true. That’s great.

  • alex

    @Hexx: Awesome thanks! I have already hit her with all of the civil law verses religious law and personal experiences issues. She seemed only hung up on this one remaining thing and your link is awesome. If I can flip her that would be amazing cause she has a personal relationship with God and works at some church.

    My other friends say that I should write her off as a bigot but I am intrigued to see if she can be taught to allow people to have rights and to hold on to her personal beliefs (which included denied but existing homophobia).

  • goony tunes

    you’re right, it won’t be long. big deal.

  • schlukitz

    We need to remember that people who support organizations like National Organization for Marriage, are the very same ones who want creationism, a six-thousand year old earth and a de-bunking of junk science/evolution to be taught in our public school system.

    Is it any wonder that they don’t want a word to be said about same-sex marriage in the classroom? These folks are living in a Disneyesque world that bears no resemblance whatsoever to reality.

    They want their little kiddies to hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil so that they will never be able to grow up into adults with cognitive and deductive skills that will allow them to see what haters, bigots and homophobes their own mommys and daddys are.

  • TomTom

    That’s the best they can come up with?

  • schlukitz

    P.S. I forgot to add that these are the very same folks who teach their little kiddies that Santa Claus, Peter Rabbit, the Tooth Fairy and Sky Pixie actually exist, without a shred of evidence to support it. Then they also want to teach them that same-sex marriage, as a viable life-style choice, does not exist in the eyes of God and thus condemning tens of thousands of their progeny to a lifetime of guilt, shame, self-loathing, unhappiness and misery, whilst thanking God for all of their blessings.

    All one has to do, is look at the symbol of their m,ental sickness…the figure of Christ nailed to a cross…in order to understand their addiction to suffering.

    No one does it better than the Christers.

  • dgz

    i went to a Christian school… but even we never talked about marriage. i’m confused — is there a “social more day” now? i don’t see where this would ever come up during class, epecially since American schools are already so far behind the curve.

  • hyhybt

    “It will not be long before young children are taught in New Hampshire schools that they can marry someone of the same sex if they wish – that gay marriage is just as good as marriage. “Amen, hallelujah!

  • vernonvanderbilt

    “It will not be long before young children are taught in New Hampshire schools that they can marry someone of the same sex if they wish.”

    No fucking shit. It’s because they can. Dumbasses. Instead of trying to talk them into supporting marriage, we should be trying to talk them into supporting assisted suicide.

  • Chad

    Kudos to you Alex for trying to convince your friend to not deny the right to marry. And to Schlukitz, great points!

  • osocubano

    That’s right, isn’t it wonderful?

  • alex

    @Chad: Well my old HS “friend” (who in all honesty I have no memory of but whatever) read the info I sent from Hex and I also sent her news reports about children who committed suicide after anti gay bullying. I explained to her that she can teach her kids one thing at home and also be respectful of others.

    She came back to me and said she already taught her kids to be respectful and that they know very nice gay people but that still believe gods plan is something else. Then with admitting that education isn’t the issue just said that she believes that I don’t deserve the same rights – well or that only str8 people deserve them.

    I think I am at stall mate. I explained that her religious laws are one thing while civil laws are another. That Jewish temples don’t perform or recognize catholic marriages and that is different from civil laws that protect our freedom of religion and equal treatment under the law.

    If she digs in any further then I will let her know she is a bigot. Even if she doesn’t think she is because she knows nice gay people that if she believes she has the right to vote away our rights then she is a bigot. I will remove her as my “friend” in facebook and let all of our mutual friends know why.

  • Hexx

    @alex: Sounds like she’s already dug herself in. She was just making excuses, and now those excuses are running out, she’s resorting to “It’s just what I believe” as the excuse.

    Sadly, I have to try to talk to one of my best friends about the same issue. This is a girl I’ve known since high school as well; the difference is, I’ve been a big part of her life. I introduced her to her husband, and stood as a groomsman in their wedding. I always figured she was a prop 8 supporter but I was able to pretend that maybe I was wrong until I had it confirmed last week. And let me tell you, that sort of stuff hurts. I was involved in setup for her wedding, helped clean after, helped buy stuff and plan and everything, on top of what I had already done (like I said, I introduced them). But the idea that she wouldn’t want me to have that same right and privilege really hurts, and I really don’t know that she and I will be best friends after all of this. As consequence, I haven’t approached the subject yet. I’m not sure how to bring it up. Any advice, anyone? (Hm. Queerty should start an advice section.)

  • Chad

    HAHAHA: “That fat dykey spokeswoman” is Maggie Gallagher. Here’s her personal email….have at it!

    [email protected]

  • youcanthandlethetruth

    @Hexx: You have the same right to marry as she does.

    Can’t you respect your friend for her beliefs about marriage and homosexuality?

    It’s amazing just how bigoted an intolerant homosexuals can be.

  • schlukitz


    I see that you caught that piece of redundancy too, eh? LOL

    And, these people vote!

  • Aaron Khan

    Yah, if your child is gay!

    This will give hope to all the little gay tikes in New Hampshire. Gives me a warm feeling inside to hear that the future of gay kids (in states that allow gay marriage) are secured :)

  • unclemike

    @Hexx: (and alex) I have cut a few people out of my life since they told me to my face (with my partner right there) that we did not deserve to marry since “marriage has always been between a man and a woman.” I do not need “friends” whose comfort level trumps my civil rights.

    Because that’s usually what it all boils down to: they’re uncomfortable with “teh gay” (or with explaining “teh gay” to kids) so that means no marriage for us.

    A friend who doesn’t support you is not a friend.

  • drresol


    Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. Thinking back through grade school and even high school…I don’t remember marriage ever coming up, period. We had a very limited sex ed class, but even that was more about the biology of sex. We didn’t get into the social tangle of dating and marriage.

    Am I missing something? Do they teach that in schools now? And if not, are some gay advocates trying to introduce a bill that would require it to be taught now? Or, is it as I suspect…right-wingers inventing a boogey-man that does not and would not exist.

  • hyhybt

    Well, they don’t generally have *classes* on marriage. But they translate any acknowledgement that such relationships exist as “teaching gay marriage to our children.” Stuff like having a book around that includes a same-sex couple counts, just like having the school counselor come by to explain that you shouldn’t pick on other kids for being different counts as “teaching homosexuality”.

  • Joanaroo

    Hi Hexx, Alex and Uncle Mike! It’s a shame that people can’t see that everything should be equal and these people who are against your equality in marriage are not respecting you enough to believe you deserve equality. As the saying goes, “With friend like these, who needs enemies!”.

  • schlukitz


    I can relate to what you are saying unclemike. Like you, I too have had to cut a few people out of my life (gay, no less), for laying the same crap on me and my long-time partner.

    And that’s the real shocker, the fact that my family and straight friends have generally been more supportive of our relationship than many of my gay friends.

    In the words of Chester A. Riley of the Life of Riley to his wife…

    “What a revoltin’ development this is, Peg”

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