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Italian Actor Giulio Berruti And His Beautiful Package Light Up Semi-Nude “Cosmo” Shoot

Screen-Shot-2014-05-02-at-16.55.48 (1)In the grand tradition of European men removing their clothes because they have no hang-ups about nudity, 29-year-old Italian actor Giulio Berruti has stripped completely naked for Cosmo UK to promote his new film, Walking on Sunshine.

We don’t expect you to know who Berruti is, but we do expect you to acquaint yourself once you’ve seen his beautifully sculpted and slightly hairy chest, as well as the full-on dick shots he posed for in 2012’s Goltzius and the Pelican Company (NSFW).

According to Attitude, the Italian hunk dropped trou for the photoshoot to raise awareness for cancer research. Too bad the Cosmo UK editors didn’t shoot for a highly conceptualized #cockinasock print campaign.

In the accompanying interview, Berruti says he quit smoking when a close friend died of lung cancer. “She was only 28,” he says. “The first thing she said when she found out was how much she regretted smoking. I smoked too but quit immediately. We should respect our bodies and live as healthy a life as possible.”

Bless his soul.

And his happy trail.

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  • carey579

    Not a pretty sight – that Jesus like look and hair all over – he looks like a pornstar at C—-boys!

    The second picture is slightly better. He looks a bit like a less prettier Ashley Taylor Dawson in it.

  • lkeels

    @carey579: He looks hot as hell…you’ve got some sour grapes…go get laid.

  • Mezaien

    He is hot as hell and he better keep the hair on, OR else.

  • rickyboi7

    That’s a PLEASURE trail, and omg!

  • ted72

    What gorgeous hotness he is

  • toberlin


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