Italian “Commies” Committed To Queer Cause

Italy’s Democrats of the Left party reaffirmed their support of gay rights in the primarily Catholic country. Speaking after Sunday’s so-called “Family Day” (a conservative orgy of the traditional variety), party leader Piero Fassino told the press: We will not step back from recognizing the rights of homosexuals.” Fassino also promised to support the controversial same-sex amendment.

Catholic World News reports:

“Secularism will not give in” to religious principles, Fassino said. As for the proposal to grant legal recognition to same-sex unions, he said that the principle of equal rights for homosexuals is “a non-negotiable and absolute value.”

Fassino went on to tell the press that he and his queer-loving comrades will march in the Pride Festival on June 16th. Not surprisingly, conservatives wagged a faggot-hating finger. We’ve got a finger for them, too…