Italian Parliament: We Lika Da Homophobia, Capisce?

Homophobic and transphobic attacks are on the rise in the predominantly Catholic country of Italy, says Paolo Patane, head of the gay rights association Arcigay. So how does the Italian Parliament respond? By voting down an anti-LGBT-discrimination bill 293 to 250. Now the queers will have to turn to the EU.

Too bad Mario and Luigi live in Brooklyn, otherwise they could’ve saved the day.

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  • robert in NYC

    Queerty, it’s “capisce” and pronounced “capeeshay”.

    Not surprising given Italy has a media mogul just like Rupert Murdoch. What is incredible is that he was elected Prime Minister while controlling all of Italy’s media. If anything, it’s a conflict of interest. Maybe such laws don’t apply in Italy. Italy has a sham democracy anyway, fraught with so much corruption. Hmm, sounds like our own.

  • Mike in Asheville

    Italians are an interesting bunch. My hubby and I biked through Tuscany in the early 1990s (much fun, amazing food, beautiful setting). There were several occasions when locals would be ultra flirty — UNTIL — some beautiful female walked by, and then that was that. In the gay clubs, well I found there was more sex to be found in their “catacomb” basements than at the SF Eagle (and lots of fun).

    On TV, the most racy commercials with barely clothed men and women all over eachother. And yet, the Church, the Church and the Church. Such an odd mix of what is accepted in their sense of morality.

  • Daez

    @Mike in Asheville: Not really that different than America or any other country that focuses highly on the church. Its in my opinion that the only reason homosexuality is so vilified is that it makes “Christians” feel better since its one sin that they probably won’t commit while they are busy committing all the other ones.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Daez: About European countries v. America, no, I think there is a huge difference: in Italy, there is only one church, the Catholic Church (88% Catholic; 6% none; 1% Muslim; 5% other Christian) while there is a diversity of religions in the US (50% Protestant; 24% Catholic; 16% none; 2% Jewish; and under 1% each: Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist).

    You make a most interesting comment I have not heard before and, I believe, is worth strong consideration: “…the only reason homosexuality is so vilified is that it makes “Christians” feel better since its one sin that they probably won’t commit while they are busy committing all the other ones.” I suspect that your use of “only” should be replaced with “an important” but your point could lead pro-gay-equality to a better method of communicating our message in way its heard and leads to greater acceptance.

  • Pep, Italy

    Italy is completely backwards in terms of social acceptance of homosexuality. It’s pathetic to think that this country is part of Western Europe, a continent that feels that its place is to tell others to what to do.. As much as I enjoy living here I am glad I am not a gay Italian, because it must be really hard- just look at DG, Valentino, Armani… when have these famous gay men ever used their fame to campaign for gay rights or equality??

    Mike in Ashville: the reasons why are there are so many sex basements/darkrooms in Italy is because all the men live at home with their parents until they’re like 40!!! That’s why they all have to go to do it somewhere hidden… because of course they can’t tell their mama they’re gay.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Pep, Italy: Good points! And yes, the living at home does explain quite a bit.

  • Slaughter

    what only 6 cumments? Let this article had been about black folks and homophobia…708 mostly racist cumments would have been posted already

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