Italians Make Out In Protest

Italy Gay Kiss

Last week’s loving and accepting speech by the Pope claiming that there is absolutely no social need for gay marriage got Italian queers into a tizzy. We’re sure the Pope was delighted to see drag queens and (gasp!) men smooching in protest over the weekend.

Plenty of people still support Pope Benny and by the way they make it sound, they must have a completely gay-free family! Even that middle-aged bachelor uncle who lives with his “roommate” has gotta be a total hetero!

“Family is a serious thing, based on love between a man and a woman.” He is a member of the right-wing Northern League party.

Culture Minister Rocco Buttiglione, who is close to the Vatican, told reporters that people’s energy should be spent on pro-family efforts like finding jobs and housing.

“These are the political problems you should put the spotlight on,” Buttiglione said. “Because without children, Italy dies.”

OK. We’ll just be blunt about this. Will someone please slap the stupid out of people like this and remind them that gay marriage does not equal the end to procreation?

Gays rally in Rome for legal recognition [NY Blade]