Italy Saves Iranian Lesbian From UK Deportation

The Italian government’s sure feeling generous.

Prime Minister Romano Prodi and equal opportunity minister Barbara Pollastrini both agreed that Italy will grant Pegah Emambakhsh asylum. The British government arrested Emambakhsh (pictured, blurrily) earlier this month and planned on sending her back to Iran, a decision that sparked international outrage.

If sent home, the young lesbian would have been stoned and lashed for her lesbian ways. Now she gets an entire nation full of fine, Italian women.

A much better face, to be sure.

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  • Tallskin

    This does seem on the surface to be an utterly outrageous decision by the UK govt. And if it is as is seems to be, then it is indefensible.

    However, the full story has not yet come out. Gays can claim asylum here in the UK and have, and have been granted leave to stay if they are found to be genuine asylum seekers. Likewise gay partnerships are recognised and a non UK citizen can ‘marry’ his/her gay partner and be granted citizenship.

    So, this situation is odd to say the least. Two conclusions 1) she is not gay and is claiming to be cos to say you are gay is a means of staying, and we’re being fooled. Or 2) Some anti-gay bureaucratic twat in the Home Office administration Immigration Dept has decided that he/she doesn’t want any more gays here in the UK.

    I don’t know what the truth is.

  • Bill Perdue

    Anyone who would give Brit bureaucrats, or Bush’s boys at State and ICE the benefit of the doubt has obviously missed their lithium dose. The Brit military in Iraq and their big brothers in the US Army routinely arm antigay militias and look the other way as they target and murdered large numbers of gays.

  • Tallskin

    Bill, I assume your comments about lithium are meant to be offensive and insulting to me.

    Well sorry matey, they are silly, idiotic and ill-informed but not offensive.

    I can’t comment on Bush’s boys, however I can comment on “Brit Bureaucrats”, as my ex boyfriend works for the Home Office immigration Dept. Hence I have some inside knowledge of how these “Brit Bureaucrats” think and operate. And they are most certainly not anti-gay in general, and policy is to be very pro-gay and sympathetic to gay genuine gay asylum seekers.

    And you really do have to be the most utterly insane conspiracy nut to think that the British army, (check out Gaydar to see the number of openly ‘out’ gay british military boys on there) would “routinely arm antigay militias and look the other way as they target and murdered large numbers of gays”. That would be madness and gay british soldiers would not tolerate this. And what on earth would be gained by such a policy?

    So, less talking out of your arse and try to engage your brain next time. ok?

  • Bill Perdue

    The comments about lithium were addressed to anyone to who believes the fabrications and rationalizations of bureaucrats of either of the world’s two leading imperial powers, the brits and their big brothers in the US.
    It’s well documented that both invading armies, to ‘divide and conquer’ have armed the rightist Sunni and Shiite militias. That plan worked as both are killing each other by the thousands, but both have also targeted gays for murder.
    And as for the ‘sensibilities’ of brit gay soldiers, and gay GI’s, they’re too busy surviving to worry about Iraqis, and many are susceptible to the same racist and colonialist motivations that guide the oil pirates from the US and the UK who began this illegal and unnecessary war. In any case, individual soldiers who cross swords with the brass end up as forward artillery spotters or hefting around a flamethrower, i.e., dead.
    Nor would I expect much from the soldiers of a failed empire who’ve spent the last few decades murdering the Irish and upholding a colonialist and antigay regime in occupied Ireland. This same army butchered its way through north America, India, southeast Asia, and much of Africa, so give us a break and don’t mention the british army or Bushes army and good sense or honor in the same breath.

  • Tallskin

    Oh get a fucking life you lefty loon

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