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Italy Set to Rule Whether Michelangelo’s David Could Marry a Dude

After a short delay, Italian’s Constitutional Court is expected to very soon rule on the legality of same-sex marriage. It might be an unexpected gift amidst all this Vatican-based tumult. It might also be a nice legal foil to the other Italian court case about the gays, about whether calling someone the G-word is illegal. Also, I don’t speak Italian, so could someone please help me come up with an in-language pun-y phrase to accurately describe Italy’s gay marriage battle? I want to use it to impress a friend.

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  • jeffree

    Si, certo, posso fare la traduzione, ma dovete darmi prima l’articolo da traduire!

    Yes, of course I can provide a translation but u need 2 give me the text to translate first!

    That will cost you brunch, of course! :-p

  • Larry


  • Cam

    Interesting, if gay marriage is legalized in Italy, that is a HUGE blow tot he Vatican. If they can’t even influence their own backyard….. Maybe that will be a wake-up call to them just how low their prestige has sunk since it came to light that they have been covering up and protecting all the child rapists.

  • Erasmus Van Rotterdam

    Molto caldo!

  • chris

    @Cam: That thought luterally had me drooling with happiness

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