Italy’s Highest Court: No Gay Marriage

And so much for that: Italy’s highest court rejected appeals by three same-sex couples whose marriage filings were refused by local officials, a setback to gay advocates. The Constitutional Court judged the requests related to gay unions ‘not admissible’ and ‘unfounded,’ according to an e- mailed statement today. Courts in the northern cities of Trento and Venice had asked the court in Rome to rule on the matter. The motivation for the decision will be published in coming days. Italy is one of the few western European countries without legislation on same-sex couples.” [Bloomberg]

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  • Enripar

    I know that this may sound as a setback for our LGBT community, but the Supreme Court ruled that the Italian Parliament is responsible for approving a civil unions / marriage bill. So, tecnically it’s not forbidden, but it’s up to lawmakers, not to judges. Unfortunately, given the catholic bent of our chambers, I don’t forsee same sex couples legislation anytime soon…

  • fire

    Nobody believed the Court would have ruled for marriage equality.
    Not even the people behind this lawsuit.
    Let’s wait a few days to see the what full ruling says.
    For now, we’re only told that the Court rejected the plantiffs’ arguments that barring gays and lesbians from civil marriage is unconstitutional, and said that the recognition of same-sex couples can be approved by the parliament – not the courts.

  • Just-a-Joe

    Hate to get all non-political and off point here, but, DAMN Mr. Gay Italiano or whatever… Ill move him to DC where the poor boy can get married, to me… :)

  • jeffree

    A sad day for the LGB community in Italy.
    The story has yet to play out…..Victory may still add Italy to the list of EU countries who recognize same sex marriage.

    Che peccato! Dobbiamo tutti continuare a lottare per i nostri diritti… It’s a shame. We still need to fight for our rights around the world!


    This will be a tough one. The Vatican is embedded in her capital.

  • fire

    It would be a lot more difficult to win if the Court, in its full ruling, writes that recognizing same-sex couples as “civil marriage” is against the Constitution.
    Let’s see what the full ruling says.

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