Ithaca, Dartmouth, Penn State Ranked Among U.S.’ Most Gay-Friendly Colleges

Campus Pride just released its annual Campus Climate Index, ranking more than 330 colleges nationwide on LGBT inclusivity.

The nonprofit group vetted the schools (which must request to participate) with a 50-question survey encompassing campus policy, institutional commitment, classes, student life, housing, health and counseling, campus safety, and recruitment and retention. Participating colleges were given ratings based on a five-star system.

Schools that earned all five stars include Ithaca, University of Oregon, Amherst College, Ohio State, Penn State, Dartmouth, Syracuse and UCLA. For comparison, Harvard and Yale both got 4.5 stars.

On the other side of the scale, Clemson received two stars, Utah State got 1.5 stars, and Philander Smith College (yes, that’s it’s name) got just one star.

Click here for the full rankings.

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  • H2 SO4

    Penn State? Kid friendly too…..

  • gggggb

    That’s weird because I didn’t feel like UCLA was as gay-friendly as I would have expected. I wonder what the other schools are like lol.

  • Marc

    Check the source. Penn State (state school located in State College, Pennsylvania)was not listed as a gay-friendly school. The University of Pennsylvania (Ivy league school located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is the 5 star rated school.

  • B

    Ignore the Campus Pride site – they want your name and email address before letting you use their web site, yet don’t require a log in. What are they doing with that data about you? If they are storing it, how secure is their web site?

    Oh, and I might add that the login page is not encrypted, which indicates to me that they do not understand security issues.

  • nature boy

    weird that you have to register to see the listings, yes. also not very complete. for example they list Ithaca College but not Cornell University (much larger Ivy League school in same town)

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    Well, I can vouch for Berkeley — on my first day of class (yikes that was a long time ago, 1978), a passer-by jogger gave me such a cruise while I was sitting on a bench in Sproul Plaza eating my lunch. I smiled back. 15 minutes later, I was bent over getting banged. Wild fun, and wild fun on our many repeated lunchtime encounters.


    On the more serious side, the counseling center’s gay support group was amazing in exposing me to the vast breadth that makes up the gay and lesbian community. I joined in as a junior, and we had undergraduates from all classes and a couple grad students; some fully out, most still working it out; some clean cut, some wild (we had a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence); all of us seeking some ease and comfort from the struggle of figuring our own sexuality.

    From the guys in our group and many others I met during my Berkeley years, I can state without hesitation, TOM YOUNGBLOOD you are a hero in the hearts of all us [now former] kids whom you gave guidance and support, some tough love, reality checks, and the strength of character to be true to ourselves. I remember you telling us that we had to respect ourselves if we every wanted others to respect us.

  • Sansacro

    @Marc: i checked. penn state IS listed.

  • Carlos

    Actually Penn State is a top LGBT friendly university.

  • 'Pride'ful Quaker

    While Penn State (the large Big Ten state school in college park) is indeed listed (and it is a great institution of higher ed)— The University of Pennsylvania (The Ivy League school located in Philadelphia commonly known as Penn) Is listed higher and is an incredibly gay friendly institution. I’m not sure why it isn’t ranked as number 1. Penn has recently adopted Tax Equalization Policies along with several other ivies and we added extended health care coverage for Transgender faculty this year (it was already provided to students). The Lambda Alliance has held a seat on the University Council for the majority of the previous decade (giving it access to the top administrators in the University) and continues to hold one today. Not to mention the many out LGB student leaders on campus holding positions from the highest offices in Penn Student Government’s various branches to the highest offices in many other clubs on campus. Finally- our president, Amy Gutmann, has been an outspoken supporter of gay rights and she even made an “It Gets Better Video.” If it sounds like I’m gushing about Penn, it’s because I am. It is a place that gave me the confidence to come out of the closet and a place that has been nothing but nurturing ever since. If you are a prospective college or graduate student looking for an Ivy League education in a welcoming and supportive environment- i STRONGLY suggest you check out Penn. It has been and always will be a major ally of our community.

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