It’s 2014. Do People Really Not Know What “Heterosexual” Means?

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 8.22.17 AMWe’re pretty sure this is the least accurate cross-section of Austin, TX imaginable, but it’s still painful as hell to watch.

Setting out to prove — well, what exactly? — that people are incredibly stupid? uneducated? batshit crazy?, this guy hits the streets to see if people would vote for an outspoken heterosexual presidential candidate.

And I mean, the first interviewee looks like its been years since he’s seen a shower let alone a dictionary and the last one is so far off the loony charts he starts spouting about how Hitler had the right idea, so it’s not exactly an airtight social experiment.

Still, another reminder of what’s out there in the U S of A.

Cringe and enjoy:

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