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  • Frank Amsterdam

    As my ballet teacher would say (at photo 1) – and she did frequently: point your feet!

  • Rowen

    I think we’re using the term “star” here, very liberally. I live in Hell’s Kitchen and walk through Times Square to get to work, every day. I also follow the theater world and am an actor. . .

    I’ve never heard of this kid.

  • Sam

    @ No. 2: He starred in the revival of A Chorus Line, so I think that qualifies as “star,” albeit a new one. Though his abs are pretty, I think Queerty should heap some love on Gavin Creel (Hair), who’s more talented (IMHO) and also WAYYY more visible in his support of LGBT orgs…

  • adam


    You say you follow theatre in new york and don’t know who he is? Really?!? I mean, yes the term star is being used loosely, but as far as glorified chorus boys go, he is the biggest. I guess you missed the whole mario lopez/nick adams drama in the nypost?

    @Sam – agreed!

  • Rowen

    Eh, I don’t read the NY Times, and I see so many damn chorus boys that they all start blending together. It’s like a giant sea of hairless abs, lisps, ballet classes, egos and emotive tenor beltings. Who are all named Nick, Steve, or John.

    And I should clarify. . .

    I follow good theater, not Mario Lopez.

  • B Damion

    @Rowen your a poser. Off with your head.

  • Jeff

    Kudos to “Queerty” for featuring an out LGBT talent. Although I do not think that Nick Adams is a star on the level of Gavin Creel, Cheyenne Jackson, Jonathan Groff, Daniel Reichard, Christopher Seiber, John Barrowman or Howard McGillin, he is definitely the male equivalent of a starlet, as are Daniel Robinson, Gideon Glick, Tom Berklund, Christopher Spaulding, Alexander Quiroga, Nicholas Rodriguez, et al and should certainly be celebrated as such. It’s great to see the gay media and the mainstream media celebrating LGBT talent as opposed to another straight actor with a good face and/or body. He’s out and proud, unlike many of his contemporaries working in film and tv in LA or the soaps in NYC, so good for him!

    I hope that Queerty features more LGBT talent in the theater world, modeling, music, etc. It’s good to support our own, Rowen. BTW, all of the guys mentioned hereinabove are quite hirsute, don’t have lisps and definitely don’t have egos. They also seem to be progressing nicely in their careers.



  • Rowen

    A good chunk of the ones you’ve named aren’t, and never have been, chorus boys. The theater world is made up of different types, my friend, different types. I would like to point out that it’s the young, twinky . . . *cough* “starlet” who gets promoted on Queerty. And sometimes Cheyenne Jackson.

    Both Christopher Seiber and John Barrowman are incredible actors and an asset to the community. Notice, though, how we don’t see them on this site that often. Mainly cause when we talk about gay celebrities, it’s usually cause they’ve taken their shirts off.

    Cue the chorus of “You’re just jealous cause you’re fat!!!” in 3. . .2. . .1. . .

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