It’s About More Than Letting Transgender People Choose a Bathroom


THE SHOT — Yup, the trans community still has problems with simply, everything things in life. Like going to the bathroom. But we love this mixed media piece for taking the message larger: Legislating over which bathrooms trans men and women can use masks the larger issue. Namely, that most folks are still uncomfortable with Ts. (Thanks, Claire!, via)

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  • sal(the original)


  • galefan2004

    The sad thing is that in all honesty, the transgendered population is the red-headed step child of the GLBT community, and in many cases even gays/lesbians don’t full accept them or understand them anymore than heteros do.

  • Emma G

    Galefan2004 well said and unfortunately I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

  • Fitz

    I start to get all PC and high and mighty about this.. but then I think about the gym. Would I flinch if the person in the locker room next to me was FTM? Yes, I think I would. There is a lot of work to do.

  • Helga von ornstein

    @Fitz: At the gym I go to there is a VERY masculine woman who would change in the mens locker room because the females got HIGHLY upset changing around her. They complained to management who explained to them that she paid her membership and other blah, blah blah type stuff. She just walked in one day and put her stuff in the locker and walked out.

    When she walks in most of the men stare in shock at first until “whatever” or “something” clicks that this was a WOMAN. I have nothing to be embarrassed about endowment wise but I just don’t feel comfortable with her being there. Since the majority of us are gay we tolerate it but I do not like it at all.

    No one has complained and I hope they don’t because though she looks very unhappy and lonely she did pay her dues and she is human. I really feel sorry for her.

  • Fitz

    @Helga von ornstein: I don’t think the size of your dick would affect your attitude. But, yes– it would make me feel funky. My favorite gay bar has a back room, which is also the place to smoke, and when women are there it feels very un-safe. A good work friend of mine is a very passable FTM, I should ask how he deals. Or would that be rude?

  • getreal

    Since most on this thread seems very conscious of treating transpeople in a dignified way I thought I would add something. In my equality activism work I work with and have become friends with a number of transwomen and transmen. People in the gay community sometimes inadvertently use the wrong terminology a so called female to male is actually a transman and a male to female person is actually called a transwoman the difference to most transpeople is being treated with dignity as opposed negating what they think of as their gender. A transman considers himself male so when people say female to male it can actually be hurtful to them. Also in my activism work I have seen discrimination against transpeople by some gay men who feel that they don’t belong in the movement as they seem “extreme” to homophobes. I am really impressed with all the coverage Queerty has given to trans issues lately trans people are one of the most vulnerable populations in our society and I think it is important that mainstream people are aware of that.

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