Michelangelo Signorile

‘It’s all about buying off gay leaders by seducing them, very cheaply, so the White House can help get the money coming back in’

“But now, a cocktail party? No, that’s not business — it’s schmoozing and sucking up, and it’s all about buying off gay leaders by seducing them, very cheaply, so the White House can help get the money coming back in, since the DNC gay fundraiser for next week is collapsing. The response so far has only been about the money and it’s not nearly enough. What we need now is real action. Not these crumbs, whether it be the census inclusion or some benefits for federal employees. We need something big, and until then, the DNC fundraisers should continue to be threatened, and nobody among the gay leadership should be partying with this president.” —OutQ host Michelangelo Signorile on Thursday’s much-maligned DNC GLBT fundraiser [The Gist]

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  • Jack Scribe

    The HRC lap dogs are part of the D.C. political suck-up scene. The DNC’s philosophy is, “Where else will the queers go?” I agree that we should not hold out for crumbs EVER AGAIN. I’m saving my donation dollars for local political issues and candidates.

  • Captain Freedom (HRC doesn't speak for me)


    For me personally I am putting my money towards the ground efforts in CA to repeal Prop 8. The Yes on Equality campaign is doing the most so far to repeal The 2008 Nuremburg Law.

    Politicians are slimebags. In fact once the Obama novelty has worn off for the rest of the country (as it wore off January 20th for gays with Rick Warren) I feel that politicians in general will be cast in a worse light than prostitutes. At least prostitutes are providing a service and live up to their word.

    Whether it is the party that wants us exterminated (the GOP) or the party that wants us to “get out of the way” (Democrats) I say we put our resources into a third party (green, libertarian, boston tea, independent candidiate) and show the Dems just how much they’ve lost from us and why they better get back to defending us if they don’t want to lose Congress.

  • alan brickman

    If you go to that “segregated” party you deserve to be dis-respected…

  • Bill Perdue

    GLBT folks who work in or through the Democratic (sic) or Republican parties are at best delusional. At their worst, like Barney Frank, they’re quislings. They think they’re using the Democratic (sic) party. It’s the other way around.

    People who voted for any Democratic (sic) or Republican candidate in the last elections bungled and wasted their vote.

  • Fitz

    Wouldn’t it be better to throw your own cocktail party, and hang out with people who don’t hate you?

  • dgz

    @Bill Perdue:

    why are you sic-ing yourself? is this a cite to someone else?

  • Cam

    My FAVORITE interview recently was when the head of HRC was on with Keith Olberman. After he left, Olberman basically said to somebody that it seemed like he was acting a bit like a shill for the adminstration.

    HRC should wake up. When mainstream news programs start to catch on that they are not for gay rights, but rather merely interested in making DC contacts to further their careers and their thirst for high end cocktail parties…their game is getting close to being over.

  • Bill Perdue

    @dgz: (sic) usually alerts us to a misspelled word.

    I use it because the Democratic (sic) Party is anti-GLBT, anti-worker, pro-war, anti-female, anti-immigrant and antidemocratic. And because it irritates the hell out of Obots and Democrats.

  • Tony

    HRC is a bunch of Obama licking idiots. When will they wake up and smell the asshole?? When they are kissing up between his cheeks, it isn’t chocolate he is serving up and they are swallowing.

  • hyhybt

    When someone is obviously doing something for the sole purpose of getting you to ask why they’re doing it, why do people still ask?

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