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It’s Andy Cohen vs. Carrie Fisher (And Joy Behar!) On The Outing Of John Travolta

Apparently making fun of closeted homosexual celebrities is off-limits, but ragging on Scientologists is completely kosher? Sometimes I forget the rules specifying what types of people we’re allowed to make fun of! But Bravogay Andy Cohen was there to remind out: outing isn’t cool, and neither is Joy Behar’s flat-lined LOL about how it must’ve been a “dream come true” for John Travolta to star in Hairspray, because don’t all homos want to dress up in drag? Cohen for the win!

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  • ewe

    meaningless chatter and very mean as well. I found them all to be tacky in their self absorbed grandiosity.

  • scott ny'er

    well, there’s 2 major ways to take it. Seriously or just plain as comedic. Joy needs to pick which way she wants to be. If serious, They offended Star Wars fans and Gays. If comedic, then it’s kind of funny.

    When Star Wars was popular, MILLIONS of people went to see it, not just geeks. And I’m sure you could find some hot dudes within those millions. And yeah, not every gay wants to be in drag.

    Joy has her faults here, but she seemed to be a friend of LGBT so I’ll let it slide.

  • Cam

    Joy wasn’t “Outing” John, they were having a discussion on Carrie Fischers comments really.

    But of course Cohen jumped up to defend the closet.

  • ~R~

    Weren’t her comments actually given during a roast?

  • James Davis

    Joy just isn’t funny. More times than not her attempts at humor are simply mean.

  • Joe

    Basically by partaking in this dialogue, Mr. Cohen is outing Mr. Travolta, too!

    I mean come on!

  • PogosWorld

    Like two women gossipping.

  • David

    It’s totally ok to rag on Scientology. It’s a fictional religion, after all.

  • Chad

    “It’s a fictional religion, after all.”

    As opposed to… ?

  • darkyn

    “Fictional religion” is redundant.

  • Marcus


    I’m not really shocked about Cohen, he has so many closeted celebrity friends from Daniel Craig to John Mayer.

    That said, I wonder why he even participated in the discussion if “outing isn’t cool”?

    I should send Andy and email and congratulate him on his promotion, nonetheless.

  • ILoveDudes

    Andy Cohen is one of those hairdresser type gays who hang out with nothing but women. When he tried to come up against a regular guy, like Levi Johnston, he was put right back in his place.

  • alan brickman

    if the view was populated with would have been cancelled long ago…

  • ILoveDudes

    That’s probably true, Alan Brickman. It’s daytime audience is women who are home all day and like watching other women chat.

  • scott ny'er

    @ILoveDudes: umm, there was a show with 4 guys like the view. Mario Lopez was one of them. And yes, it was cancelled.

  • AugustLA

    @David: Wait, what religion ISN’T fictional…and link your proof please. If you can prove, in a tangible manner, the stories of those man written religious books, link your source and we can be billionares within a few hours. Sorry “hope” doesn’t count as evidence to a diety that has not been proven, and science almost always debunks.

  • AugustLA

    @ILoveDudes: Daez, A “regular” guy. Hairdresser type gays are just as much of a man,if not more so, than closet case gays like yourself who use terms like “str8 acting” to describe yourself, and are 24/7 constantly self aware of how you come across, and moreover how OTHER gay men come across, and if they are hyper sensitive to role playing in drag (and that’s essentially what you are, a drag king, role playing a character to be precieved as everything your not) than those gays who are comfortable enough in their own skin get called homophobic drivel by your kind. You have one foot in the closet and one foot out and reserve being identifiably gay for in the bedroom, and trolling gay sites. Otherwise, going out of your way to be viewed as “str8 acting” is still being a self loathing closet case. Might wanna work out those daddy issues before your type starts calling out gay men who are themselves, unapologetically, and don’t give a sh8t what others think. Now THAT’S what attributes I like in a man. Not one who gets his testosterone kicks by calling another gay man a “nelly”….you’re no different than the insecure, wishy washy, high school jock with a loud homophobic bark my friend. Well, sans his being a teenager and you being a grown ass man who stills has to deflect from his own insecurity by highlighting mannerisms of others.

  • Kyle M.

    you just defended Levi Johnston and have room for making fun of gay men who befriends females? That’s like quoting Paris Hilton in an argument. and who cares if gay men have female friends, that statement came out of nowhere except projecting innate insecurity of some sort. you must be one of those homos fixated on being one of the boys and cuddling up with the bro hoes at all costs. Butch it up all you want. You still like dick bud, and they dont.

    I say this as a guy who is constantly hit on by females and thought to be hetro, but I don’t try to be, or necessarily want to be, I just am and nothing makes me laugh more than gay guys who poke fun at other gay men for being effiminate. trust from experience, those self described masculine types who scream their masculinity are the biggest power bottom screamers in the bedroom -but generally make for terrible bottoms, because they’re still concerned with how they come across even when sucking on pole. insecurity ain’t cute in guys.

  • Jimmy

    Joy Behar is a fat stupid cow.

  • ILoveDudes

    Yeah, because Levi knocked the vicious Cohen on his butt. And I live in NYC so I know what a pastrami-mouthed pushcart type Cohen is. Wiggling, giggling, vicious and gay. And, AugustLA, I’m in the closet? Doubtful. Not a single member of my family and friends doesn’t know and love my boyfiend. And I don’t hate all effeminate guys. Loved Capote and Quentin Crisp. Paul Lynde was a great talent. I just hate the mean-spirited effeminate wiggling gigglers like Andy Cohen.

  • ILoveDudes

    And, Kyle M., if you had any morals you’d be as grossed-out as I am by weak effeminate gay men who, because of that effeminacy, become even more vicious and only try to hurt (innocent) people in underhanded ways, including children.

  • Soupy

    wow, you really have some hate on.

  • ILoveDudes

    Majorly, Soupy. I’ve had to deal with them enough that I hate them.

  • welcome

    ILoveDudes, you’ve got some major issues.

  • ILoveDudes

    I do, Welcome. I have major issues with cruelty and where it comes from. As far as gays go, though, most of it is from my own anger at those people in disappointing me. I admit others would advise, “Just ignore them. Who cares?” But it was disapointing to find out the male homosexual population of Manhattan was nothing but a bunch of gay Johnny Weirs.

  • jacknasty

    I think what Carrie did was somewhat outing somebody, but at the same time her main point was that involving lawsuits and court cases draws far more attention to somebody’s sexuality than simply letting tabloids print what they want and ignore it. And she is right.

    Also, it is weird how I always find Andy Cohen sensible and likable on other people’s shows but I can’t stand watching him on his own show.

  • pepper

    It’s true that Andy Cohen’s personality seems to do a 180 when he’s not on WWH. His “executive” persona is much more appealing than his silly behavior on Bravo, but I guess that’s what people want to see.

  • FreshFit

    @ILoveDudes: You know, normally, most people would see someone like you and just walk away, and I don’t think my words will have any impact, but I hope in the long run they do. You sound like a very, very angry person. Sadly, your anger is misdirected. With gay men like yourself, who hate the gay community, it’s never ever what it seems. You can’t recognize the irrational thought behind being angry at people due to their mannerisms, but it’s irrational. Being angry at someone due to how they treat others is valid and just. Being angry at someone due to living their life and having fem mannerisms is not rational. It’s the exact anger displayed by bullies who taunt fem gay kids across the country every day. Those bullies (hopefully) eventually grow up to realize that they’re mistreatment of someone due to their carriage/how they carry themselves is really layers upon layers of issues those bullies themselves have, but don’t have the mental fortitude to address. Through wisdom, they do address it and in adulthood, they don’t go mocking, beating, nor harassing strangers for how they walk or talk. You are in adulthood yet have such heavy preconcieved notions of people, strictly based on their mannerisms. You paint an entire picture of who they are, where they came from, the kind of person they are, their heart, soul, character, integrity based on….their speaking style, how they walk into a room, how they shake your hand, before they even utter one word. That’s not rational. That is flawed on so many different levels, not the least of which being, you are limiting yourself to a potential quality friend over the most petty of reasons. Your reasoning is due to the rotten experiences you’ve had with gay men in NYC? I’ve lived in North Carolina, Kentucky and Indiana. I got gay bashed in North Carolina by two hetrosexual men and nearly spent my 22nd birthday in the hospital. Quit my job in Kentucky upon hearing about the horrible rumors spread by fellow coworkers after finding out about me being gay, and Indiana, my home state…I was met with resentment by my own family for being gay and ultimately shunned. Based on your logic, if I were to lead life as you do, I should hate hetrosexuals, never interact with them, and only speak ill of all them. Especially those in middle America. How would that enrich my life? How would that be rational? How would that benefit me? It wouldn’t. And neither does your angry-at-the-world persona. Your issues aren’t with fem gay men, there with something else. Your scapegoat is fem gay men. It’s an easy one. one that many gay men with layered issues use. “Uhhh…those nasty fem gays, well, atleast I know I’m better than THEM. Yes, now I feel better…”

    Perhaps, the reason you haven’t had the most pleasent of experiences is the negative aura around you. We all emote some form of energy, and when you go around thinking what you do about some gays, I can’t imagine ANY gay person (or straight) not picking up on that resentment. You’ll never change other gay people from being comfortable enough to be who they are. They are entitled to that. Most gay men have lived a life of being repressed and opressed that when they do come out, it’s about liberation and some do tap into their more fem side because they have the freedom to do so. Your judging them won’t change their right to do so. It won’t have any impact on the large scheme of things, or anyone really. Walking this planet with the angst and resentment you carry for an entire group of people won’t have any affect on that group, it will just make you more miserable. I hope you work that out, because life is short to have such heavy feelings toward people who A.) You don’t know and B.) who will always exist and not go anywhere.

  • ILoveDudes

    FreshFit : Some of your arguments are fair, yet I could go on and on and provide examples (and links) of cases where effeminate gay men have shown their truly rotten characters. There’s never any excuse for their trying to bully innocent people as they do. And, yes, it would be absolutely fair for you to hate heterosexuals IF you’ve never had a positive experience with one. As it is for my experiences with the gay (mostly) Manhattan crowd.

  • ILoveDudes

    Also, Fresh, I agree with you that some people carry negative auras that- in a way- bring about their own negative experiences. But that’s not the case with me. I HAVE had gay men despise me, though, because I’m the wrong color, ethnicity, religion, or just appear too heterosexual (which, yes, some gay men furiously resent). But I do appreciate your reply to me because I think you’re really meaning well.

  • Ash

    So let me get this right… It’s NOT okay for Carrie Fisher to sorta out Travolta and it’s NOT okay to stereotype gay men, but it is okay to:

    – Stereotype and make fun of all Star Wars fans


    – Make snide comments about Carrie Fisher?

    They sound like a bunch of bitter school children. Grow up!

  • Seaguy

    I’m on Joy’s side! Anyone who watches The View or her talk show knows she is a friend of the gay community and has never wavered in her support. Andy Cohen must be preparing to join the cult of Scientology so this is his way of showing the cult leaders he is worthy? Travolta is not even cute so I could care less.

  • jason

    Joy Behar is vile, just vile. A real smart ass with homophobic tendencies. She’s no friend of the GLBT community.

    As for Carrie, what the hell does she know about male sexuality? Male sexuality can be very complex. Travolta may well be a bisexually oriented man who plays up behind his wife’s back. Lots of men do, including heterosexual ones.

    To call Travolta gay on the basis of male-male dalliances indicates a complete lack of understanding of male sexuality.

  • FreshFit

    ILOVEDUDES if you see this email me at carmelcadet114 @ yahoo
    and I think we can learn from each other, and I can really help eliminate some of that frustration. I welcome it.

  • ILoveDudes

    FreshFit : You’re polite enough to give your email address, so I’ll give mine in turn ([email protected]) but there’s no way you can relieve my frustration with this topic. Because I’m correct about it, and therefore I should be frustrated with it or else there’d be something wrong with me. What can you say about my disgust at effeminates Andy Cohen and chum Johnny Weir, who’s been told how much suffering animals go through to make fur coats and says, “I’m going to wear them anyway because they make me look fabulous!” Or David Hauslaib laughing at Don Imus getting cancer. Or Manhattan gays who hide from the homophobic reggae Straight Pride March in Brooklyn but take out their cowardly hatred on two girls from Kentucky (accused of trying to kill a lesbian) by running an email campaign to tell them how they’ll be having their vaginas cut up with razorblades. Grown men doing this to two teenaged girls! (Of course, when the girls turned out to be totally innocent and the lesbian their best friend for years, we got not one apology). This is just the start of the examples I can give you (links if you want) of the wickedness of effeminate gay men. And characters like that Kyle M. will excuse them because he’s terrified of looking like an insecure “manly” man if he criticizes effeminate men. Similar to Southern whites who are petrified of being called “racist” so they won’t say a word about African American gay-bashers. So….I appreciate your intentions, but I can’t think of any way you could make me feel any better about this whole thing. Nor should you. Nor should you be obliged to.

  • TheInsider

    Andy Cohen: what a douchebag.

  • Taurus1986

    @AugustLA: Um, I don’t recall Ilovedudes ever using the term “str8 acting” to describe himself so it’s weird you keep quoting it. It seems you’re putting words in his mouth. I agree with him completely by the way. It seems that the loudest group of gays is that annoying sect of hair dressers. I refuse to use the term “cosmetologist” as that implies some type of professional accomplishment, and as a recently graduated doctor, I could not be more acutely aware of the vast and ostentatious gap between their intellect and that of an educated person. Unfortunately, they’re also the most responsible for perpetuating the negative stereotypes of gays. I know so many who can’t drag themselves out of a bathhouse on the weekend, have sex with multiple partners a week, practice unsafe sex, yet scream the loudest for marriage equality. Let me tell them something: sometimes, you get AIDS because you deserve to. It’s not cancer, or a cold, something that just happens to you while sitting in front of your tv. Granted, it’s terrible when you get it bc someone you’re monogamous with is cheating on the side, or you’re raped or infected via transfusion, but, for most people, it’s preventable.
    In any case, being a bitchy screaming queen, flapping their limp wrists St people they disagree with while calling them “bitch” or “girl” does not a man make. Actually exercising restraint, responsibility, and working toward something other than the path of least resistance to obtain immediate gratification, is what makes a man. Being 40 and having your biggest priority in life hanging out at the bars 4x a week, or getting to the next circuit party, amidst dozens if not hundreds of craigslist, grindr, and manhunt encounters, makes you a piece of trash, not a man. It seems you too are not a man. But then again, that could just be me putting words in your mouth, something you probably will never admit you are guilty of doing. Like s typical “hair dresser” gay- avoiding any modicum of accountability.

  • Reality

    @Taurus1986: You really need to lay off the sexist bullshit. If that’s your idea of motivating men to act responsibly, you can take it to a site that’s run by and for straight meatheads.

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