It’s Crazy To Oppose Gay Marriage, Says American Psychological Association

Here’s another reason to hug your psychotherapist today: the American Psychological Association—which has debunked ex-gay therapy and filed 11 amicus briefs in support of gay marriage since 2004—just voted 157 to 0 to approve a resolution supporting same-sex marriage.

Keep in mind that this is the country’s largest psychological organization with over 154,000 members who have said that same-sex marriage strengthens adults, children, and communities. The National Organization for Marriage can doomsay all they want about the consequences of “redefining marriage” and going against a person’s “moral and religious beliefs,” but excluding queer couples from marrying harms children, adults, and overall community health—the APA says so.

So does NOM really think that they know better than one of the largest professional psychological associations in the world? We guess so. After all, we asked them that question point blank months ago and they still have yet to respond.

Who looks crazy now, eh?