It’s Easy To Boycott Donald Trump When You Already Refuse To Touch Anything With His Name On It

If you’re already a douche who drinks Trump Vodka, wears Donald Trump cologne, sips Trump Tea, eats Trump steaks, hydrates with Trump Ice bottled water, reads Trump magazine, attends Trump University, or lives in a gaudy Trump building, you’re probably the type of gay that doesn’t care the presidential possibility does not support same-sex marriage or even shared health benefits for homo couples. So you probably won’t care about NYC activist and troublemaker Allen Roskoff is calling for a boycott all all things Trump. Can we start with The Apprentice? Please.

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  • Dave

    That’s probably why what they’re *actually* calling for is a boycott of his products *and* of Apprentice advertisers.

  • divkid

    well, i’m to boycotting shredded wheat or brillo pad for sponsoring his hairpiece.

  • Darling Nikki

    Boycott MACY*S, that’s one of the main purveyors of his products and he is in their commercials…

  • ewe

    Can you imagine a presidential debate with that knucklehead?

  • Jonathan

    I pray and hope he gets the Republican nomination.

  • alan brickman

    JUST EMAIL the contestants and tell them how they are part of the problem…not the solution…

  • alan brickman

    John Edwards said the same thing…how’s that going?…

  • alan brickman

    Just rename his reality show to be called..”The Biggest Loser”…

  • Vmbell

    You should be ashamed of yourself Trump!
    Never in all of my life have I heard, seen, or read in history books about presidents having to prove their credentials and citizenship in the United States. Obama does not deserve any of this nonsense. After all his family did for this country (Obama’s grand father fought in world war II). Even Obama himself has done more for this country than you could even dreamed of($789 billion economic stimulus plan is one of them.). Instead of saying punch lines to try to make yourself look good in front of the media. Try doing something constructive as to do some research and take notes on how to become a better human being. Until then, I’ll die of thirst before I drink any Pepsi products. I’ll rather starve than to eat at Applebees. I’m throwing everything away that is Proctor and Gamble. Lastly, but not least, I don’t watch “The Apprentice” anyway but this makes it easier not to watch that trash of a show. Any side business that has your signature signed or supports your bigotry are just as bad and need to be boycotted. Best of luck to you trump, you going to need a miracle once we get though with you.

  • NYC Reader

    @Jonathan: Oh, yes. Can you imagine him AND Michele Bachmann?! Pleased RNC!!

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