It’s Flashy, It’s Techy, It’s Super Gay — It’s “Burning Man: The Musical”

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 12.37.36 PMWe’re strong believers here in the ‘live and let live’ approach to other people’s lives, so long as nobody is being harmed or taken advantage of.

But around this time of year, like clockwork, everyone has an opinion to share about Burning Man, the week-long desert festival of art, drugs, music and everything in between.

It’s either the greatest week that has ever existed or the worst thing to happen to society — yawn. We say “go get it” if that’s your thing, and shut up if it isn’t.

Here to comment on Burning Man’s reputation and it’s infiltration by rich San Francisco techies in an oh-so-gay show stopping fashion is Burning Man: The Musical.

Watch below: