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  • GranDiva

    Spencer who?

    I’m almost forty, kids, I have to have back story…

  • Ryan

    Seriously, who cares? I don’t even know who the guy is! Curious, thinking maybe he was a horrid journalist and/or some glbt ‘activist’ who doesn’t do the cause any justice (I’m looking at you, Andrew Sullivan), I decided to look him up on google.

    And STILL the google search revealed almost nothing. I had to go several links in to figure out who the guy was, or that he’s appeared on a tv show on mtv. Apparently, he’s a new Paris Hilton… and, if true, that certainly does make him more toolish… but, if one doesn’t like Spencer Pratt… why propagate him? Ignore him and he goes away… write about him and contribute to the next obnoxious, over-privileged and completely talentless ‘I’m famous for nothing’ celeb.

    Queerty could be so much better if it didn’t go quite this far into the celeb gossip, or at least could dish this stuff with a bit more intelligence. We have enough celeb gossip in the MSM, if we’re going to have more of it in the blogs, let’s at least make sure it’s more interesting…

  • EdWoody

    Ooh, who’s the cutie in the background?

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