It’s Girl Time on The Principal’s Office


What’s worse: Calling a classmate a “liar” or a “lesbian”? Let’s find out on this edition of Queerty’s Favorite Television Show We Have Yet to Actually See, The Principal’s Office.

The best part: When the brunette explains what a lesbian is.

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  • Quinton

    The best part about this is that the real lesbian is Alison!!

  • Sebbe

    I just realized that I do actually have this channel. Can’t find when this show is on though. Even trutv’s website doesn’t say. Anyone know?

  • Geoff

    @ #1 Quinton….I wholeheartedly agree!

  • G

    Andrea’s description of a lesbian was fits the profile of Allison. :) “Dresses like a guy…” The camera zooms out to capture Allison. haha…too funny!

  • Sebbe

    The principal was actually pretty good. Although I think she either is a lesbian or “experimented” in college. I’m not sure she should have gotten out of school suspension for this though. So she gets to sleep in all day and get a day off, big deal. I would have made her do something with the GSA or something (if there is one).

  • Puck

    I want her as my principal

  • nikko

    So Alison did lie….stupid bitch.

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