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It’s GLBT History Month, Learn Something! … Conservatives Attack Kevin Jennings …

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• It’s Oct. 1, which means GLBT History Month kicks off today. Maybe it’s time to learn about some historical heroes not named Harvey Milk?

• Ninety-six percent of St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Minneapolis voted to leave the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America because of The Gay Vote.

• India’s cricket players advised to seek “release” before big games. This is causing controversy.

Madonna chows down on pizza, and martinis, with David Letterman.

• Obama just banned federal employees from texting while driving. He did this by issuing an executive order. The thinking? It’ll save lives. No executive order keeping gays from being kicked out of the military, because, uh, that just doesn’t make sense.


• An excellent round up of conservative fearmongering about scary school man Kevin Jennings.

• Speaking of India, Queer Beauty Parlour in Delhi is believed to be the first salon for transexuals there.

• What’s this? Local news stations are growing more responsible when reporting on transgender folks?