It’s Gonzaga Not Gongaya


Gonzaga University is getting flak for allowing a conservative doctor to give an anti-homosexuality speech on campus. Dr. John Diggs delivered his lovely little piece of propaganda, “The Medical Effects of Homo-Sex.” (we love the title – very vintage McCarthy-era). In it he contradictorily declares that homosexuality is both a choice and “the result of a bad relationship with one’s same-sex parent.” It gets even better:

(Diggs) Exposes the real-world effects of sexual permissiveness through a message that is logical, consistent, coherent and inspiring.” He doesn’t believe homosexuality is innate and says most anti-gay violence is domestic, perpetrated by same-sex couples.

Sounds exactly like the kind of stuff a man who has been a regular guest on such gay-loving programs like The Dr. Laura Schlessinger Show and The O’Reilly Factor would be yapping about. And what a perfect guest for Straight Talk!

Gonzaga is also getting heat for denying a lecture request from Planned Parenthood as well as halting a performance of The Vagina Monologues. We’d like to give the school the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they’re just being very selective about who they allow to speak on campus. Maybe.

But then we saw that just last week the school hosted a performance by Southern redneck and 90’s TV “star” Jeff Foxworthy. Clearly, the school will let just about anyone up in their ivory tower. Ugh.