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It’s Great To See NOM Repurposing Martin Luther King Jr.’s Message In Minnesota

Only Tom Emmer, announces NOM and the Minnesota Family Council in this new television spot, will let Minnesotans vote on whether they want to give their gay neighbors a reason to pack up and take their Pottery Barns with them.

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  • Marcus M.

    It makes me sick that Minnesota keeps getting in the news for what seems like a never ending parade of anti-gay nonsense. The rest of the country should know that it’s actually a pretty great place to be in the gay community. Which is probably why it upsets the hate-filled crazies so much.

  • Ryanthehulk

    @Marcus M.: Absolutely agree, as a Minnesota resident I can attest to that. Minnesota is the gay haven of the upper Midwest. Yes same-sex marriage is prohibited here (only by statute and not by constitutional amendment as in 31 states, so repeal is a real possibility) Also, I suspect Minnesotans are mad about loosing gay dollars to neighboring Iowa. Minneapolis has the most theaters in the US after New York City, put some gay marriage on top of that and we will be unstoppable!

  • Gorbeh

    Wtf?! NOM is in MY state?! Gtfo you scum! I’d like to vote on your marriage!

  • Ryanthehulk

    I have to correct myself, we have the 2nd highest number of theaters PER CAPITA, but still, we are third in the nation for overall theaters after New York and Chicago.

  • Matthew

    This is complete hogwash! It’s like using a Lincoln speech in defense of not giving african americans civil rights, simply has no merit what so ever using the two in conjunction with each other. It’s also saying that gay marriage will have consequences; yeah, the people who hated gays in the first place will have to accept us rather then treat us like second class citizens! Horrible campaign tactics!

  • peteNsfo

    I’m still baffled as to why people care so much about total strangers having protection/equal treatment under the law.

    But, play to the base I suppose, in every sense of the word; the loyal bigots & the foulest tendencies of human nature to take from others.

    At the very least, we should see a few more relevant MLK quotations end up in front of people and that’s never a bad thing.

  • matt

    Can only hope the MLK legacy will stand for the great things it has brought to America, and overcome this kind of hipicrocy!

    Best Buy has filed for Bankruptsy, and Target continues to show lackluster growth over last years major losses. Back the biggots and may the powers that be will make the final judgement.

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