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It’s Hard Out There For Pimps, Gay Conservatives

Well, as one (gay) Republican I spoke to out there put it, it’s a lot easier to be gay in San Francisco than a Republican, adding that when he came out as a Republican “friends abandoned me. I got called a fascist, traitor, crazy, insane, a racist.” In the Bizarro World that is San Francisco, fascism is always around the corner and that great bogeyman, the Christian Right, is just waiting to pounce.

—Harry Stein, author of the newly released paperback I Can’t Believe I’m Sitting Next To A Republican, has second-hand knowledge gays discriminate more than conservatives [via]

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  • gregger

    Gays discriminate more than conservatives, sure, we make sure that conservatives get; fired from their jobs, are denied equal legal protection, made to feel uncomfortable living in their own homes, get fired from their jobs just for being conservative, send people to third world countries to teach that conservatives are evil that they deserved to be either murdered or raped into conversion.

    Give me a break, what planet is this asshat from?

  • Jeff K.

    Last time I checked, two straight conservatives could marry each other. In all 50 states. And with federal recognition.


  • Franky

    Maybe because the Christian right IS always around the corner waiting to pounce. Just sayin’

  • jack

    Attention Republicans: being called names does not amount to fascism or discrimination. Neither does having some of your friends decide they don’t want to hang around with you anymore when you start babbling like Glenn Beck.

  • ChicagoJimmy

    I can’t believe this jack-hole talks about supposed “liberal smugness” with such a completely holier-than-thou attitude. He goes on and on about how liberals can’t believe when smart people don’t agree with them while at the same time espousing his own political beliefs with utter incredulity that everyone doesn’t agree with him. Maybe his problem isn’t that the liberals he knows are assholes, but that the natural reaction to his personality is unrestrained contempt.

  • Jack

    I wonder why I should take pity on anyone who willingly joins a political party that is pretty much unashamedly against him…

    Furthermore, as most gay Republicans I know are so because they’re rich/want to be rich and would rather be in a party that hates them than give up even a token portion of their money, I have less pity.

  • Devon

    Traitor, crazy, insane…

    I’m sorry, does he think these are somehow inaccurate descriptors?

  • GregorVonK

    This tiresome fellow (or “asshat” if you prefer) wrote a book 10 years ago called “How I Accidentally Joined the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy (and Found Inner Peace).” He’s still harping on the same themes–and trying to make a buck off of it. I don’t know if the Village Voice’s famous assessment of him (“a well-known asshole”) is accurate or not. But he is playing the same “victimology” card as so many other right wingers do (“We’re the real victims.”) So someone gave him the cold shoulder at a dinner party, so what?

  • paulD

    @Jack: I agree 100%. My experience with gay republicans has been exactly the same. Money trumps equal rights every time. They figure they can get around legalities with a trip to a lawyer. It’s bad enough to witness the out gay republicans, but the amount of closeted republicans is staggering.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    I’m having a blast over on Gay Patriot trashing them homocons!

    Here’s the comment that got the ball rolling:

    Of course Republicans are more welcoming of gay conservatives, than gays are of conservatives in general.

    The right wing closet cases know homocons will give them blowjobs in public toilets.

  • Riker

    I’ve had the same experience: Republicans react better when I tell them i’m gay than gays do when I tell them i’m Republican.

  • randy

    @Riker: Because they’re shocked into silence as to how utterly stupid you are.

  • justiceontherocks

    @randy: Some Jews backed Hitler. There are always anomalies. It is amazing how they think their abnormality is normal.

  • Riker

    @justiceontherocks: “It is amazing how they think their abnormality is normal.”

    Funny, it seems like other people say the same thing about us.

    Also, look up Godwin’s Law. Argumentum ad hitlerum is a logical fallacy.

  • Riker

    @randy: Wanting lower taxes and smaller government is suddenly stupid? I don’t agree with everything the Republicans do, just as i’m sure you don’t support everything the Democrats do.

  • randy

    @Riker: Not a fallacy, just an inevitability, according to Godwin.

  • randy

    @Riker: You are totally correct, I should not have called you stupid. That, frankly, was beneath me. When lower taxes and smaller government can occur without my having to give up equal rights on the both the state and federal level, then I’ll rethink my party affiliation. Until that happens I must stand with the political party that represents more of my core principles, specifically equal rights.

  • Gay Republican

    Frankly I do not give a shit what left-wing tools think of me.

  • pete

    @Gay Republican: That’s quite obvious, dear.

  • Riker

    @randy: We each make our own decisions about which party better represents our beliefs. Mine are closer to Republican than Democrat, so that’s what I am. I still judge candidates and issues on their own merits, as do you. We just tend to come to different conclusions about them.

  • Adam

    @Gay Republican: You are projecting here, with your comment and with your “Gay Republican” name, so you obviously must care enough because you want a reaction. You invite confrontation and get off on it.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Riker: Would you like it better if I compared “gay” republicans to Roman Catholics who continue to be affiliated with the church even though one of their male relatives was molested by a priest? I can do that.

    If you are a true conservative you’re not either a Democrat or a Republican. Both parties spend taxpayer money like it grows on trees, both are the champions of entitlement, and the federal budget as a percentage of GDP grew more under W than any other President. So don’t give me this horse-hockey about smaller government.

  • Gay Republican

    @Adam: You got me here (partially).

    I love annoying the left wingers, but I do not care what they think of me.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    @Gay Republican:

    but I do not care what they think of me.

    Yes you do. That’s why you’re here, instead of the public washroom you usually hang around in, trolling for attention.

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    Gay Republicans whine more than anyone else. To all the GOProuders out there, I say this.

    If you go around advocating the legality of firing someone because they are gay, work against Gay equality, and demean the gay mainstream at every opportunity (go over to their allied site, gaypatriot if you’d like to see it in action), don’t whine and pout when those impacted by your public policy treat you with the contempt they see you treating their concerns.

  • Gay Republican

    @Tom in Lazybrook: Correction: Gay LAMEstream!

  • AL

    How the hell gay Republicans are comparable to Jews who were collaborating with Nazis? I am yet to see a Republican who demands extermination of gays. Oh, almost forgot, before you jump into conclusions, I am not a Republican.

  • Jeffree

    I’m not a Republican but I won’t cast stones at anyone who tries to work with Republicans around LGBT issues.

    With the Tea “Partyists” and fundies pulling the Repubs to the Right on social issues, we DO need people to work *within* the Party on LGB topics.

    There may be R. Senators & House members who will moderate their positions on LGB stuff when approached appropriately. Don’t forget that there *were* Republicans who supported DADT repeal.

    The social conservatism of the party seems to be gaining ground. Those gay Republicans who can keep their economic views in balance with their social issue beliefs have to be brave and we’re better off having some LGBT voices in the conversation.

    The passage of ENDA and repeal of DOMA will require bipartisan support. So we *need* people within the party to get those 2 things to happen.

    (But I’m still unlikely to marry a Republican. An affair, maybe!)

  • Justin Thyme

    I support free-enterprise and a free-market capitalist system. I believe socialism is highly detrimental to the economy, as well as the human spirit. I oppose government tyranny of all types, whether it be from the power-hungry socialist left or the power-hungry moralizing right. I support a free society. I also love my boyfriend.

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