It’s In The Groin!

It’s official. Speedo’s new LZR swimsuit is the best thing to happen to water since Moses.

The suit, made of a “space-age” water repellent material, has been worn by 21 of the 22 world record swimmers, so obviously Speedo’s on to something here.

While people debate the the tight fit’s fairness, we’re more intrigued by the suit’s secret weapon, as seen on swimmer Michael Phelps:

How does it work? The secret, according to swimmers, is in the groin and abdomen. The LZR is built, there, with an inflexible girdle-like structure meant to hold a swimmer’s body in the best position as he or she moves through the water.

Another benefit is seamlessness: The whole suit is “ultrasonically welded” together, a technique that bonds plastic using sound waves. This reduces any lines that may cause drag.

Honey, that is drag!