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It’s Not Just the Gays Who Think Obama’s Breaking Promises. Here Come the Immigrants


Remember when President Obama promised to be our fierce advocate, then got to the White House and sat on his hands, and then invited us over for tea to make nice? Looks like LGBTs aren’t the only “special interest” (hah!) group outraged at the way he operates. Writes Dawn Teo:

Following a closed-door meeting last Thursday in which President Barack Obama, administration officials, and nearly 100 immigrant rights leaders discussed plans for comprehensive immigration reform, a coalition of 521 organizations signed an open letter to Obama criticizing the Presidents inactivity on immigration reform.

The organizations behind the letter are planning vigils, marches, and other events across the country to protest the administration’s policy on the Department of Homeland Security 287(g) local immigration enforcement program and say they were “deeply alarmed” by the announcement six weeks ago by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano that DHS would be expanding the 287(g) program to 11 new jurisdictions.

Although the White House has refused to discuss the details or agenda of the White House meeting, sources who participated in the meeting last week say that the coalition behind this week’s letter to Obama is even more troubled by the remarks Obama made directly to immigration reform groups last week expressing his support for 287(g) and other enforcement mechanisms.

Take a number, gays.