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It’s Not Like Anne Rice’s Gay Son Christopher Is Why She Quit Christianity

“My commitment to Christ demands a certain honesty and authenticity for me, and I am moving away from this group of his followers,” Anne Rice told Joy Behar last night about her grand Facebook announcement that she’s quitting Jesushouse. But while one of the reasons Rice is quitting the religion is the institutional anti-gay stance, her son Christopher Rice, a gay novelist, wasn’t the cornerstone of her decision. It was her gay readers.

[flv:http://ht.cdn.turner.com/cnn/big/showbiz/2010/08/04/behar.anne.rice.christian.hln_416x234_dl.flv http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2010/08/beharrice0994.jpg 650 400]

Rice also says that while she believes abortion “is the taking of a human life,” she would never support a law banning abortion. That, “and I don’t think laws against abortion have ever worked.”

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  • Tallskin

    “It’s Not Like Anne Rice’s Gay Son Christopher Is Why She Quit Christianity”

    Fuck, what an inelegant sentence!

    My next door neighbour’s dog could write a better headline.

    “Hey pooch, what do you think of this sentence?”


    “What would you suggest?”

    “Anne Rice’s Gay Son Christopher and her gay readers Is Why She Quit Christianity.”

    “Not perfect, pooch, but 10,000 times better.”

    Woof Woof

  • L.

    @Tallskin: I’m wagging my tail while reading you.

  • L.

    @L.: (And that was a rather inelegant sentence too.)

  • DR

    Maybe she should write better books instead of publicly decrying religion? I’m not going to read her stuff just because she does or does not practice a certain religion, I’m only going to read them if they’re good, and they’ve been going downhill for years.

  • uu

    @DR: Maybe she should decide for herself what to do and what not to do.

  • DR

    @uu: She can decide whatever she wants, but she needs to be sincere, fair, and honest about it. I don’t find her comment to be any of the above.

    She had a medical emergency about a decade ago. She, after leaving the Catholic Church for many decades, decided to go back to the Catholic Church knowing that it had not changed its position in the intervening years because of that scare. I get that, it’s not uncommon. I left Catholicism many years ago, and turned back to it at a stressful time in my own life. I’ve been all over the spiritual map since I accepted for the second time it wasn’t for me, and have found a denomination I can be a part of.

    When 9/11 happened, where was Anne Rice? When Scott Anderson announced he was praying for the death of President Obama every night, where was Anne Rice? When the Catholic diocese in Maine actively solicited funds from its parishes to fight gay marriage, where was Anne Rice? When Catholic Charities cut social services in some states, where was the public Catholic Anne Rice? Nowhere. She wore the label publicly when it suited her (to sell books), and privately when it suited her (in between books).

    For a decade she practiced her Catholic faith in a pseudo-public manner, and in that ten years she could not find her chance to walk with God? She couldn’t resolve these apparent crises of faith? I recognize that everyone has issues with faith and the “big questions”. But she was raised Catholic, she knew exactly what she was getting back into, and she made the choice to return to that denomination, knowing full well there were other denominations out there which shared and addressed her concerns while the Catholic Church did not. And she did it all publicly.

    She then decides to make a public statement painting all Christian denominations with the same brush, and how convenient, just when she has a new book coming out. She wanted publicity, and she got it. It’s too bad that she comes across as insincere in her concerns. She looks like an author hoping to rebirth a flagging writing career by pandering to her fans with this stunt.

  • uu

    @DR: Perhaps she is insincere, dishonest and unfair, but in my opinion (and by law) she doesn’t forfeit her right to speak and publicly decry religion by being so. It is obvious that devoutly religious people aren’t curtailed in their public expression by these standards and neither should anyone else be.

  • Syl

    @DR: I’m sure she is sincere. As a queer person raised in a conservative Catholic family, I can understand how hard it is for Anne. The Catholic Church becomes like an abusive spouse, one you try to run away from, maybe even manage to leave for a while, but then come back to, guilt-tripped into it.

    It dominates your whole world view. Every second you live, you live for a dead Jewish guy you never met. Demons are lurking around every corner, always tempting you to sin in one way or another; of course, everything is a sin according to the Church, so that doesn’t help any. And, of course, it makes life a game, a game you win if you die while you’re “pure” and loose if God arbitrarily decides to kill you before you ca get to a confessional. It’s like…schizophrenia, voluntary schizophrenia.

  • DR


    I was raised Catholic (you did read that part of my post, yes?? And that I did go back at one point, yes?) so I understand, but… to lump ALL Christians in the same mold is just as unfair as some conservatives lumping all gay folk in the same mold. They don’t get passes, and neither should Anne Rice.

    @uu: And that means I have the right to criticize her comments as I am a Christian and none of the things she has associated with Christianity. I played nice on her Facebook page, but these comment to Joy are just outrageous.

  • uu

    @DR: You have that right, first and foremost, because you are human, not because you are Christian. I wasn’t opposing the fact that you have that right by making the point that Anne Rice has it too.

  • Zach


    “to lump ALL Christians in the same mold is just as unfair as some conservatives lumping all gay folk in the same mold. They don’t get passes, and neither should Anne Rice.”

    Depends what the mold consists of. It’s pretty safe to lump all gays together and say they’re attracted to the same sex. Likewise, it’s pretty safe to lump all Christians together and say they believe in a fictitious deity.

  • Ogre Magi

    I think she is just a silly weak person!

  • MrEguy

    I used to be Catholic, but I gave it up for Lent.

  • uffda

    I think she’s a fascinating personality. On the edge questioning of contemporary reason vs. contemporary Christianity. Leading a discussion NOBODY else is.

  • Nunya Bizness

    Listening to her words in that interview — she sounds quite reasonable.

    Firstly, in the context in which I interpreted it, she’s largely making the point that she’s no longer going to PUBLICLY give support to Christianity (“stepping down” from her acknowledged self-appointed position of Celebrity Spokesperson, so to speak). Given how she publicly took up the cause of Jesus Promoter some years back… her recant also has to be public. Instead of seeking attention… she seems to be saying “okay, I’ll shut up and sit down now”.

    Secondly — I would assume that when one makes such a public display of their opinion, a reasonable explanation would have to follow for it to be understood. Her explanation really sounds as if, in her spiritual intention — she still plans to be an imitator and “follower” of the Christian philosophy. However, she’s withdrawing her involvement in ANY organized religion claiming to represent Christianity; and focusing on her own personal spiritual path without the religious influence (with some open-ended suggestion that her departure from religion could be temporary, if her journey eventually leads her to a religion that speaks to her).

    In essence, she’s not denouncing Christian Spirituality… but is denouncing the public stance that organized religion claiming to be the source of Christianity has taken (and refusing to contribute). In the context of organized religion — if you’re not following it as a member of a church — then in their eyes (especially Catholicism), you’re truly not Christian. So, in essence, to the listening public that she used to represent — her statement that she’s stepping “away from Christianity” would be accurate from that perspective.

    She’s basically saying – “I’m no longer gonna be your PR Rep, so suck it; I’m gonna do my own thing…” in a way that they’ll understand it.

  • Nunya Bizness

    To add (I realize I can be verbose… just bear with me);

    I guess I also relate to her statement because I am also a person who, in my spiritual path, feels most inclined toward the core aspects of Jesus’ philosophy — but one who is not a believer of ANY organized religion.

    Frankly, my understanding of Jesus is one of an exemplary human with a very keen spiritual focus and connection (much like Buddha, Ghandi, etc.). What made him noteworthy is the indication that he was quite radical in his thinking; basically being an Isrealite who started a movement in challenging other Isrealites to question and abandon their religion and begin developing their own, personal connections with the universe. He also encouraged the discontinuance of religious rules; and withdrew support of spiritual leadership in the community (Pharisees, Saducees). Quite the anti-establishment type (who religious folk today would probably denounce as a “terrorist” or a “left-wing liberal”).

    That had to be revolutionary, given that you’re speaking to a people who’s religion and language are so close to their identity that both aspects became synonymous with their race (Jews/Jewish/Hebrew). That kind of radicalism usually gets one’s life threatened — so, his story follows the typical negative, human reaction to overwhelming social change: some folks vilify you and either attempt or succeed at killing you… others worship you and take up your mantel.

    I just find it funny that, Christianity through organized religion takes a stance that seems to be totally OPPOSITE from the person they profess they’ve deified and professed to worship; and I’m always shocked that none of the followers of those religious philosophies seem to NOTICE it!!

    Jesus — I like who I understand him to be. He’s one of my favorite enlightened hippies… but he’s not the only one on that list. Meanwhile – I use his example in seeking to know myself spiritually and find my own path. And, similar to Anne Rice — organized religion is not an adequate facilitator of that process (for me, personally).

  • PopSnap

    Anne Rice is the epitome of sophistication & worldliness. She’s one of the people that inspired me to start writing in the first place, along with Stephen King & JK Rowling.

    That said, it is her life. She can do whatever she wants to do. However, it seems rather offensive that she painted Christianity with such a broad brush. She must have never heard of Unitarians, or the United Church of Christ, or the MCC. Not all Christians are anti-gay; in fact, if they were, we wouldn’t be fighting over gay marriage- we’d be fighting over survival.

  • Dan L.

    Religion kills. If you do not educate yourself on the ill will religioun demands of you, and the hate, wars, battles, injustice and unfairness religion has started…then you are blindly leading life pretending to not care. Religion IS why gay people suffer and it’s time we start quetsioning an institution that has no merit, facts or proof. It is pure fantasy and fairy tale and should not be dictating anything in our lives, simply because it has yet to be proven. I respect Ms. Rice for questioning that and hope more people come out and question the intent and purpose of religion.

  • Cheryl

    Homosexuality is considered to be against God’s Law. That doesn’t mean
    that God doesn’t love the gay or lesbian, he does, he just doesn’t approve
    of their life style. It doesn’t matter who believes Gay/lesbians should have the right
    to marry or have a homosexual life style, God isn’t concerned with what man
    thinks his laws are clear & should be followed if one is to have a christain
    life whether Catholic or protestant. The Bible is God’s guide book for our
    lives. Man can think what they want but it doesn’t change what God’s law
    is.. Abortion & homosexuality is a sin period end of story. I have a cousin who
    was gay & passed away from aids, my lesbian cousin has been in a long term
    relationship for years. I love my cousins, in spite of their life styles. I don’t
    approve of them, nor does God but I still love them

  • APG


    If I could meet her in person, I would
    love to say “Thank you Anne Rice –
    for so very articulately stating what
    I have felt in my heart for years” !!!!

    One’s ‘Faith-in-Christ’ should IN NO WAY
    be tied into the man-controlled ‘Religion’
    that so many refer to as “Christianity”
    (especially that apostate, psuedo-religious
    political-movement called ‘evangelicalism’)

    It took me forever to realize that my
    relationship with God (as established
    through Christ Jesus, God The Son) was
    IN NO WAY dependent on the apostate
    psuedo-religious movement sweeping
    America in the name of the “church”.

    If Christ were walking the earth today,
    a lot of these same “religious” types
    would be the first to demand that He
    be ‘crucified’ — and based merely on
    who He chose as FRIENDS (women,
    gays, foreigners, immigrants, the poor,
    the rejected, the downtrodden, the rich,
    men, old, young, happy, sad, and so on).

    The “evangelicals” (not to be mistaken
    for TRUE FOLLOWERS of Christ) and
    other “church” types have essentially
    hijacked the Christian ‘Faith’ in order to
    turn it into a mammon-worshipping,
    power-mongering, “Religion” of hate.

    These people are more akin to a system of
    ANTI-CHRIST (i.e. “against”-Christ) than
    to anything tied into WHO CHRIST IS.

    Their evil has reached such profound levels
    that even people who know and love Christ
    are turned off from them and their words
    (again proving these “church” types are
    really nothing more than anti-Christ,
    self-righteous Pharisees and are not
    even remotely related to Jesus Christ).

    Never again will I waste my time stepping
    into the psuedo-religious social-club that
    is known as “church” or associate myself
    with the political-clique that is known as
    ‘christianity’ — because FROM NOW ON
    — I realize that I do NOT “need” either
    in order to have a relationship with MY
    LORD JESUS CHRIST (in fact, those
    two entities were actually ‘interfering’
    with my relationship with God)

    (no matter if rich, poor, gay, straight, male,
    female, sickly, healthy and so on) — AND
    CHRIST (not the so-called”church”) IS
    ‘THE DOOR’ and ‘THE WAY’ TO GOD!!





    “For God did NOT send His Son
    into the world – to condemn
    the world, BUT that the world,
    THROUGH HIM, might be SAVED !!!!”

    JESUS CHIST – and *not* the institution known
    as “the church” or the religion called “christianity”



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