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  • BeachBuddy

    I think curious George has more skeletons in his closet than sex and drugs (and his arrogant superiority complex doesn’t count). Typical Hollywood tool.

  • mrbill

    Excuse me Conney there was a typo or 2 in your statement I have corrected them see below.

    ” I didn’t live my life in the right way for politics, you know. I got fucked by too many dicks and did too many drugs, and that’s the truth.”

  • BeachBuddy

    Something tells me that chick-sex and drugs aren’t the worst skeletons in curious George’s closet (and his superiority complex doesn’t count). Typical arrogant Hollywood tool.

  • Todd

    Queens love company, so it is no surprise that the innuendo about George starts with this shocking snippet of a story.

  • bobbyv

    Yes that’s right, Clooney’s gay…but only if you ask others gays. Queens calling every man in Hollywood gay is so tired. Just because you wish it, doesn’t make it so. Move on.

  • Lefty

    “fucked too many chicks”?

    What a gentleman.

  • SteamPunk

    @mrbill: Uh… if that were the case, then he’d be *perfect* for politic! Hardy-Har-Har! :)

  • TimeToLook

    Headline : “..not that gay rumors that will keep..” ?

  • alan brickman

    his newsweek story come out during the oscars..coincidence??

  • edgyguy1426

    It’s head scratching headlines like these that make you want vote ANY other blog for LGBT blog of the year.

  • Oprah

    I think he is bisexual leaning on gay mostly. NO WAY has he been straight would he remain single. Straight men are INCAPABLE of living by themeselves. They are very helpless. lol It doesnt matter if they are really rich. The fact that he emphasizes and brags opens he ‘fucked’ alot of chicks, shows some insecurity in that department. A single man with his prominence, would not admit openly that he ‘fucked’ alot of women, if he really did. It seems he wants us to believe that, part of the ‘straight’ image. I think Clooney and his fellow closeted gay celebrity Justin Timberlake would be hot together. lol

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