It’s Problematic If You Don’t Know Who’s Naked By Now

With all the markings of an Andy Samberg digital short, “Guess Who’s Naked” is the work of Alex (naked guy), Spencer (friend in bed) and Kyle (general inspiration), some Berklee College of Music types with a Flip Cam and willingness to titillate the gays.


So I’m sitting in my pj’s
Listening to britney
Crying about my ex
His name was carl, he used to hit me
I’m gonna take a shower
I’ve been getting kinda stinky!
I remove my woven garments
And give my roommates a little winky

‘Cause guess who’s naked
That’s great
Oh my!
Sounds like a plan!

I’m jogging in the neighborhood
I spot a really cute guy
He’s nestled at a table
eating fresh apple…strudel
I stop to take a break
and get a good look at his bod
I couldn’t help but smie

I walked up to this man
with my hands on my hips
I looked into his eyes
and said “what’s up sugar…cock”

(sick keyboard solo)

So this hunk’s name is Angelo
He had superman muscles
The way he raised his brow
reminded me of the guy I met in Brussels!
He said “excuse me sir, who are you?”
I looked at him and smiled
I reached into my pocket
and I pulled out a…gun

Guess who has the death sentence
Death sentence
That sounds yucky
Death sentence
Um, question: will I be naked while being put to death?

[Thanks, Justin!]