It’s Time To Learn International Synonyms For Your “Winkle”

Thanks to Manhunt Daily (NSFW) you can now deliver sexual innuendo in at least seven different countries. Personally, we prefer to call ours “Captain Feelgood’s Fun Time Barbecue.”

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  • Marie Cohn

    Just five British nicknames only scratches the surface. And it’s “knob,” not ‘nob.”

  • Fagburn

    Also none of the UK ones are synonyms – they mean different things.
    A mum might tell a boy not to play with his winkle in the bath, it’s not something anyone would use in a sexual way.
    Packet means the bulge in your trousers/pants etc
    Chopper would only be used about a very long cock.
    I could go on…

  • kylew

    Jeez, the awesome Book of Filth list thousands and thousands of slangs, synonyms, and descriptive terms for parts of the male anatomy. This is a very narrow list, but at least if I ever find myself captured by a gay Columbian drug baron I’ll understand exactly what he’s offering me.

  • Peter

    in Australia, I have never heard of Donger or Old Fella. Doodle is a very childish way of saying penis, it is much more often referred to as Dick, Cock, Penis,

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