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  • Marie Cohn

    Just five British nicknames only scratches the surface. And it’s “knob,” not ‘nob.”

  • Fagburn

    Also none of the UK ones are synonyms – they mean different things.
    A mum might tell a boy not to play with his winkle in the bath, it’s not something anyone would use in a sexual way.
    Packet means the bulge in your trousers/pants etc
    Chopper would only be used about a very long cock.
    I could go on…

  • kylew

    Jeez, the awesome Book of Filth list thousands and thousands of slangs, synonyms, and descriptive terms for parts of the male anatomy. This is a very narrow list, but at least if I ever find myself captured by a gay Columbian drug baron I’ll understand exactly what he’s offering me.

  • Peter

    in Australia, I have never heard of Donger or Old Fella. Doodle is a very childish way of saying penis, it is much more often referred to as Dick, Cock, Penis,

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