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Ivanka can’t even give food to the hungry without making it all about her

Ivanka Trump is ready for her close up. Again.

Fresh off the heels of her potentially illegal Goya bean photo op last week, the first daughter staged another photo op today when she and homophobic televangelist Paula White went down to the D.C. Dream Center, where they handed out boxes of food to hungry families for a little over half an hour.

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Afterwards, the first daughter took to Twitter to crow about her less-than-45-minute act of altruism, tweeting: “Great day volunteering at the local @DCDreamCenter and distributing Farmers to Families Food Boxes to the last mile of need. This program is creating a link between hungry families and struggling farmers affected by COVID-19.”

Then she began re-tweeting other people’s tweets about it to make sure everybody saw what a nice thing she did.

The tragic irony, of course, is that many of these families wouldn’t be hungry if it weren’t for her father’s botched efforts at handling the coronavirus, resulting in millions of Americans losing their jobs and going on food stamps.

And many farmers wouldn’t be so affected if it weren’t for her father’s failed trade wars that have resulted in welfare payments to farmers surging to historic levels, more and more family farms going out of business, and suicides in farming communities becoming a regular occurrence.

Here’s how people have been responding to Ivanka’s latest photo op…

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