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Ivanka hangs out with antigay pastor who speaks in tongues in first public outing since leaving D.C.

We knew it was only a matter of time before Ivanka Trump slithered back out into the spotlight.

This week, the ex-first daughter spent the afternoon hanging out with an antigay preacher in her first public appearance since leaving Washington, D.C. for Miami, Florida, where she is currently renting an estimated $40,000-per-month condo as she builds her dream home on a $30 million beachfront lot nearby.

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Trump joined former megachurch pastor/televangelist Paula White to distribute boxes of food to starving people who lost their jobs because of her father’s failed response to the coronavirus pandemic, which resulted in record unemployment and a decimated economy still in recovery. Either that or they are among the 700,000+ people he kicked off of food stamps when he gutted that program last year.

Raw Story reports:

That program, called “Farmers to Families,” provides federally-funded food to families in need during the coronavirus crisis. President Donald Trump used it to promote himself and his campaign, mandating the USDA include a letter signed by him telling recipients he was responsible for the food in the boxes. The letters, which raised legal and ethics questions, were printed in English on one side and Spanish on the other.

White was the “personal spiritual advisor” for Donald Trump and the chair of his evangelical advisory board while he was in office. She has a looooong history of insane behavior, like speaking in tongues. Also, she hates LGBTQ people.

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Here’s a little speech she gave last summer…

Of course, right-wing media outlets are trying to spin Ivanka’s outing with White as a kind and selfless act of altruism. The Washington Examiner reeeeeally laid it on thick with a headline reading, “Spotlight off, but Ivanka Trump is still helping the needy.”

But folx on Twitter weren’t so deeply moved. Probably because Ivanka has a long history of staging these sort of photo opps, and for taking credit for a charity program she didn’t create and hasn’t donated a penny to despite being worth an estimated $300 million, or $1.1 billion, if you include her husband’s wealth.

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