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Ivanka hasn’t even moved into her new mansion yet and she’s already driving down property values

Ivanka Trump hasn’t even moved into her new Miami mansion yet and she’s already begun driving down her neighbors’ property values by letting the place crumble.

The former first daughter and her husband bought property on the luxurious Indian Creek island, dubbed “Billionaire Bunker,” earlier this year.

They were originally believed to have purchased a $30+ million lot, where they were said to be building their dream home, but according to a new report by The Real Deal, they actually purchased an existing $24 million property.

The Real Deal reports:

The sale closed in April and was recorded on the Multiple Listing Service. The deed transferred in April, according to property records, to 36 IC Acquisition LLC, a Delaware entity that is trustee of a similarly named land trust. Christopher Smith, general counsel at Kushner, signed the $15 million mortgage from Bank of America on behalf of the buyer.

The 1.3-acre estate, with manicured landscaping, reflecting pools, a double staircase, a resort-style pool and a large dock, hit the market in October for nearly $25 million.

The mega mansion, which once belonged to record producer Scott Storch, was in impeccable condition when the couple purchased it a just few months ago.

But apparently they’ve been skimping on the basic upkeep because aerial photos published by The Sun show the place has fallen into complete disrepair.

Not only does the terrace need to be retiled, but the pool has turned into a swamp, complete with green algae, and the landscaping has been so neglected that it looks like an overgrown jungle. The roof also looks like it needs some repairs. And god knows what the inside looks like.

Seriously, how does a $24 million piece of property go from this…

…to this…

…in a matter of four months?

Ah, yes. It’s because a member of the Trump klan is involved, and everything they touch immediately starts to decay.

In Ivanka’s defense, she’s had a lot on her mind lately. Several media outlets, political pundits, and legal analysts believe that she may soon be charged in the ongoing criminal probe of the Trump Organization.

Still, that’s no excuse to neglect one’s yard.

Perhaps Jerry Falwell Jr. could recommend a pool boy?

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