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Ivanka and Jared rumored to be the latest White House casualties, planning D.C. exit strategy

To say the turnover rate inside the White House has been high would be an understatement. Employee retention is–well-what employee retention?

In the past seven months, pretty much all of Trump’s once-trusted top advisers have either quit or been fired. The list includes Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus, Sebastian Gorka, Sean Spicer, and Anthony “the Mooch” Scaramucci.

Other high level staffers to get the boot include Mike Dubke, Michael Flynn, K. T. McFarland, Katie Walsh, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, Tera Dahl, Derek Harvey, Rich Higgins, and Michael C. Short.

Oh, and let’s not forget James Comey. And those 46 Obama-era prosecutors. And pretty much the entire State Department.

Is there anyone else we’re forgetting? Probably.

Now, rumors are swirling that Trump’s own daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared, are on their way out, too.

According to a bombshell report published by Vanity Fair, the couple has begun quietly plotting their exit strategy and may even move out of Washington, D.C. before the end of the 2018 school year.

Reporter Sarah Ellison writes:

Increasingly you hear chatter in Washington that Jared and Ivanka won’t last, not because they are at risk of being pushed out, but because they will save themselves from a damaged White House. Neither has committed to staying the duration of the Trump presidency, which both must realize may well be cut short.

Ellison says Jared and Ivanka, who White House staffers purportedly call “princess royal” behind her back, don’t quite understand “how to behave” among Washington elites.

Unlike in the posh New York social scene, where they feel celebrated and beloved where ever they go, folks in D.C. don’t really give a shit about them, which has caused severe damage to their self-esteem.

Ellison writes: “Most such people take a seat a little off to the side, at least until they get their bearings. ‘What is off-putting about them is they do not grasp their essential irrelevance,’ this veteran told me. ‘They think they are special.’”

On top of that, they’ve also failed to live up to expectations that they would/could guide Trump into making sane and normal decisions.

Any masquerade that Kushner and Ivanka could maintain that they were moderating influences in the White House flew out the window the moment Trump waved his hand and said that there were ‘many sides’ to the Charlottesville violence. If [Ivanka’s] main value in Washington is her access to her father and she is unable to sway him, then she is simply a 35-year-old former real-estate and retail executive in over her head.

Ellison says Ivanka and Jared are now focused on saving the last shreds of their reputations, “at least in the kind of society they have enjoyed for much of their young lives—the precincts of Upper East Side socialites for Ivanka and high-society New Jersey for Kushner.”

“They are still trying to salvage what they can.”

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  • Spike

    Good riddance to the both of them. BTW, was Jared supposedly headed to the Middle East three weeks ago to address the problems there? How did that turn out? Is he still there, did he accomplish anything? Not a word from anyone.

    • GMBarrow

      Is that you in your picture?

  • JaredMacBride

    Typical Graham Gremore drivel. As long as it’s negative about the Trumps he’ll regurgitate it, the truth be damned.

    • DCguy

      Please point out the “Truth” that was missed in the article.

  • skilos

    They haven’t left yet?

  • KaiserVonScheiss

    Wasn’t it Ivanka who encouraged air strikes in Syria?

    There are enough neocons in Washington.

    • Bob LaBlah

      Since her spineless father refused to I think your right, it was her who did encourage it.

  • jckfmsincty

    A family of dunces and traitors.

    • Gary_Gans

      Let’s not forget Klansmen. Fred Trump was active in the KKK. Bless.

  • DCguy

    I think it’s hilarious that the Media seems to have created this false narrative that these two would be “Moderating” influences on Trump.

    Ivanka has ALWAYS been her fathers daughter, and she was neck deep in the fake Azerbijian deal where a huge amount of money was spent on a tower that was never built. She isn’t a moderating influence on Trump, she is his mini-mi.

    Kushner told Chris Christie that he thought shutting down that bridge in New Jersey to punish his political opponents was “Bad-ass”. These are both, not the words of a moderate, NOR the words of anybody with any maturity.

    They are used to being labeled as successful because they took money that was handed to them and now are in debt. They are also both neck deep in the money laundering investigation.

    They think leaving will save their public image, but that’s going to take a hit when they both end up either in jail, or agree to testify as witnesses in exchange for reduced sentences in the Mueller investigation.

  • stevenjf

    Hopefully NYC will shun them as well for their rapacious complicity with the Trump Administration

    • Bob LaBlah

      They’ve got money and as long as you have money NYC will not shun you.

  • Keebler ILF

    I wonder if they are leaving to try and salvage their marriage. When his wife’s dad said nice things about Jew-hating Nazis, then maybe Jared felt it was time to leave. Maybe he’s forcing Ivanka to make a choice between him and her father.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Jared will look good in an orange jumper. Ivanka is coming out with a new line of soap-on-a-rope (made in China, of course, in sweat-shops.)

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