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Ivanka stars in video of herself delivering food to starving Americans set to inspiring violin music

Ivanka Trump wants everyone to know that she cares. Really, she does!

Yesterday, the first daughter shared a highly produced video of herself hand delivering boxes of food to starving Americans set to inspiring violin music.

I visited Woodbridge, VA to help deliver #FarmersToFamilies food boxes to those in need in the community,” she tweeted. “Our #FarmersToFamilies Program has delivered 125 M boxes of farm fresh produce, meat, & dairy and served 3.2 B meals to hungry Americans during the pandemic.”

The self-congratulatory tweet and video make no mention of the fact that the vast majority of these Americans wouldn’t be hungry if it weren’t for her father’s failed response to the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to record unemployment and a decimated economy.

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There is also no mention of the fact that Ivanka herself just casually threw down over $30 million dollars on a plot of land in Miami where she plans to throw down millions more to build herself a private, beachfront estate.

Good thing others pointed all this out for her…

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