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Ivanka Trump invents “inner city” mass shooting in effort to distract from her white supremacy gaffe

Ivanka Trump totally embarrassed herself over the weekend when she tweeted about standing up to white supremacy only to have the entire internet remind her that her own father, who she works for and who she is constantly defending in the media, is himself a white supremacist.

Then yesterday, she embarrassed herself again. Only this time, it was even worse, which isn’t that surprising, really, given that that’s the Trump family’s modus operandi: just when you think they can’t sink any lower, they find a way.

On Tuesday, the first daughter tweeted: “As we grieve over the evil mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, let us not overlook that Chicago experienced its deadliest weekend of the year.”

In a follow-up tweet, she added: “With 7 dead and 52 wounded near a playground in the Windy City- and little national outrage or media coverage- we mustn’t become numb to the violence faced by inner city communities every day.”

Ivanka was right about one thing. The horrific “inner city” playground massacre hardly received any national media coverage. This is mainly because… it never happened.

At a press conference yesterday, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot fact-checked the first daughter’s tweets, saying “It wasn’t a playground. It was a park. It wasn’t seven dead. It wasn’t 52 wounded in one incident, which is what this suggests.”

Lightfood continued, “It’s important when we’re talking about people’s lives to actually get the facts correct, which one can easily do if you actually cared about getting it right.”

“That’s the danger of somebody with a platform and audience … that doesn’t know what they’re talking about and getting the fundamental facts wrong that they can easily figure out if they had the decency to actually reach out to us, if they wanted to be a constructive and engaged partner.”

Lightfoot finished by saying that said she wasn’t going to waste any more time thinking about Ivanka Trump or her “nonsense tweets.”

Twitter also wasn’t having any of Ivanka’s alternative facts, or her use of the coded term “inner city communities,” which everyone knows is a phrase white people who are uncomfortable talking about race use when describing Black people.

And then there was this response from Rosie O’Donnell which we think speaks for just about everyone:

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