Is this why Ivanka Trump is staying out of the public eye?

Ivanka Trump at the 2020 Republican National Convention
Ivanka Trump at the 2020 Republican National Convention (Photo: YouTube)

Following the success of her first book, Too Much and Never Enough, Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump is back with a follow-up.

Whereas her first book looked back upon Trump’s early family life and psychological makeup, The Reckoning: Our nation’s trauma and finding a way to heal, looks at the legacy and aftermath of the Trump presidency.

To coincide with the book’s publication, Mary, who is gay and works as a psychologist, spoke with Business Insider this week. The talk turned to Trump’s older children.

It’s long been speculated that Don Jr, Eric, and Ivanka, in particular, may harbor their own political ambitions – especially after being allowed to play front-row roles in the Trump administration.

Mary poured cold water on this notion, saying the three siblings lacked the “charisma” to follow their father into politics.

“The only thing you can really say about Donald is that he does have a kind of charisma that appeals, apparently, to … people in this country,” she said. “There’s nobody else on the right who has that charisma, and certainly none of his children.”

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She singled out Ivanka as being focused now on other pursuits and suggested her current absence from public life was to give people an opportunity to forget about the past.

“I think she and her husband are more interested in staying away long enough in the hopes that people forget what horrible human beings they are, and then they have this fantasy that they’re going to be able to reemerge into New York high society or something,” said Mary.

However, having dismissed the older Trump kids as potential political frontrunners, Mary said she now felt that her uncle was seriously considering running again in 2024.

“If you’d asked me if he’d run again in December, I would have said definitely not because he had just been humiliated and wouldn’t put himself in that position again,” she said. “But things have changed.”

She pointed to the way Trump has consistently claimed the election was stolen from him.

“He’s also now spreading the second big lie,” she continued. “This is that the insurrection of January 6 wasn’t a big deal.”

Mary also said the wave of “voter suppression” bills currently making their way through state legislatures should worry anyone worried about the Democrats remaining in control of the White House.

“If the Republicans in any given state can make it harder or impossible for certain kinds of people to vote, like people of color or college students, then Donald might realize that if he ran again, he couldn’t lose because the system would have been rigged to favor him.”

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Since her father left office, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have – like Trump Snr – relocated to Florida. They have remained largely out of the limelight, with Ivanka rarely posting to social media or making public statements. There have been some reports that she’s even cut back on seeing her father that often.

Ivanka may be forced to go public once again whether she wants to or not: Authorities investigating the Jan 6 insurrection say they will leave no stone unturned in determining the chain of events that led to the events seen in DC.

This may include forcing the Trump kids to give evidence and handing over all their electronic communications with their father in the run-up to the storming of the capitol.