Ivanka Trump urges those protesting social distancing to practice social distancing while doing so

All around the country, people (read: Trump supporters) are staging anti-quarantine protests, crowding the streets in MAGA gear and demanding to reopen the economy, even as the death toll due to coronavirus continues to rise, with over 44,000 Americans succumbing to the virus as of yesterday.

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Then this morning, first daughter Ivanka Trump took to Twitter to urge people who are protesting social distancing orders to please practice social distancing and wear a face mask while doing so.

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“Peaceful protest & freedom of assembly are beautiful American traditions that should always be protected,” she chirped. “If you choose to exercise your 1st Amendment rights, please practice social distancing & wear a face covering. We can protect our rights & our health at the same time.”

Hmmm. Last time we checked, storming state capitals with AR-15 style rifles or threatening to run over nurses wasn’t considered “peaceful protesting.” But, hey, what do we know?

And now, the responses…

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