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Ivanka tweeted a video of Jared on a commercial flight and, of course, he’s not wearing a mask

It’s hard to know what exactly was going through Ivanka Trump‘s mind when she tweeted a video of her husband, Jared Kushner, flying on a commercial airplane from Israel to the United Arab Emirates without a mask during a global pandemic.

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The 1:20 second video, tweeted yesterday, shows Jared mask-free and smiling stupidly from his first class seat on the lowly passenger aircraft. Several of his travel companions also appear without masks, although some people in the far background, as well as those sitting in coach, do appear to be wearing face coverings.

Israel and the United Arab Emirates have not been on friendly terms for decades, and the first-ever commercial flight between the two Middle Eastern nations is definitely a mark of progress in their rocky relationship; however, the significance of all that is completely lost by Ivanka reducing it down to a tweet and a cellphone video of her superrich husband doing something totally crazy and out of character… flying commercial. (Without a damn mask!)

Here’s how people are responding…

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