Ivanka wishes her sister Tiffany a happy birthday on Twitter… but tags the wrong Tiffany

Well, this is embarrassing.

So yesterday was Tiffany Trump’s 27th birthday and Ivanka Trump shared a tweet wishing her half-sister all the best on her special day along with a childhood photo of the two of them together.

Happy birthday @tiffanytrump! Hope this year marks your best turn yet around the sun! Love you so much!” Ivanka wrote.

It was a kind gesture… except that she tagged the wrong Tiffany Trump. Also, um, what’s up with that picture? Baby Tiffany looks completely distraught as she’s being gripped in the arms of Ivanka, who appears more concerned with smiling for the cameras than tending to her upset little sister.

@tiffanytrump appears to be a bot account created in 2010 that has 717 followers. The real Tiffany Trump’s Twitter handle is @TiffanyATrump and has roughly 800,000 followers.

People were quick to point out Ivanka’s error, as well as to question why on earth she shared a photo Tiffany crying as a child on her birthday…

Ivanka never bothered fixing the tweet, although we doubt Tiffany cared. She’s been too busy getting sh*t faced with her friends down in Florida and ignoring advice from public health officials.

This week, #ByeTiffany became the #2 hashtag on Twitter after she was spotted partying with a huge group of friends at a sushi restaurant in Miami before going out to a dance club and getting even more wasted. And, of course, nobody was wearing masks or social distancing.

19 days until the election, folks.