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Ivanka’s political aspirations have just been dealt another devastating blow

Ivanka Trump‘s chances of launching a successful political career are looking dimmer by the day.

Spencer Critchley, former communications consultant for Barack Obama and author of Patriots of Two Nations: Why Trump Was Inevitable And What Happens Next, is warning the former first daughter to think twice before running for public office.

Ivanka is rumored to be mulling over possible runs for either the U.S. Senate or to be Governor of Florida. Her name is also being floated as a possible VP pick should, god forbid, her father decide to run for President again in 2024.

But Critchley tells news.com.au that Ivanka’s “questionable past” would quickly come back to haunt her, the same way it has for Donald, who is now ensnared in so many lawsuits that he’s probably going to spend the remainder of his post-presidency life in courtrooms and possibly a jail cell.

“It seems clear with the hints she’s dropped over the years that she thinks [running for office] is the logical next step,” Critchley says.

Of course, logic and common sense is not a trait anyone in the Trump family seems to possess, and Ivanka is no exception. Critchley says there’s almost no chance she could clear even the most basic hurdles involved in running for public office.

“Ivanka is obviously completely unqualified in terms of her experience but also in terms of her character,” he explains. “In many ways she’s similar to her father and she has certainly had some very shady dealings.”

“Ivanka, from the beginning and even before the Trump administration, had been involved in very questionable stuff.”

Critchley says the fact that she couldn’t even get a security clearance after her FBI background check is a pretty clear indicator that she has more than a few skeletons in her closet and could be “vulnerable to blackmail.”

“She is unqualified and every bit as questionable as you would expect a Trump child to be.”

Ivanka has been keeping a relatively low profile since leaving Washington, D.C. in tears back in January. She has been radio silent on social media and just made her first public appearance last week when she joined antigay pastor Paula White for a photo opp at a food drive in Apopka, Florida.

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