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J Lo and Shakira took everyone to queer church and Gay Twitter™ is having a religious meltdown

J Lo and Shakira absolutely slayed their Super Bowl half time show yesterday. They didn’t just slay it. The slayed it, and then brought it back to life, and then slayed it again.

The Latina pop sensations gave the gays everything they wanted and more with a dazzling spectacle of hits that included fireworks, sequins, fringe, a stripper pole, and who-knows-how-many male backup dancers.

The 14-minute performance, which oozed sex, celebration, and female empowerment, also included a few political statements, including J Lo unfurling a large Puerto Rican flag while singing “Born in the U.S.A.” and children appearing in illuminated cages.

Naturally, the performance outraged many conservatives for a myriad of reasons. But who cares about them?

The minute the performance ended, Gay Twitter™ came alive. Their verdict? Well, let’s take a look…

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