All For A Good Cause, Of Course

J Mack Turns Condoms Into Couture

The gays can do anything! Project Runway alum Jack Mackenroth joined forces with San Francisco’s Project Inform, which fights HIV/AIDS, to create some – ahem – “Condom Couture.”

Later this month – on October 15, to be precise – Mackenroth will unveil a custom wedding dress made entirely of condoms. Some may assume the project would be a breeze for a boy such as Mackenroth, but this project had some particularly sticky challenges.

One of the most pressing challenges sprang from the fact that condoms were heavy and had to be removed from the packages, an undertaking complicated by the fact that Mackenroth’s allergic to latex.

He writes in an email:

I had to have volunteers from Project Inform take them out of the packaging–all 4000 of them–since I can’t even touch latex because I go into anaphylactic shock. No joke. So when the condom packages arrived to my house from San Fran–no one had thought about the fact that they were all lubricated. It was a slushy hot mess. I spent an entire night washing condom wrappers with detergent in my bathtub. Isn’t fashion glamorous?

Well, when you put it that way. See the invitation down below or order tickets here. Mackrenroth wants to see you there – or else!