All For A Good Cause, Of Course

J Mack Turns Condoms Into Couture

The gays can do anything! Project Runway alum Jack Mackenroth joined forces with San Francisco’s Project Inform, which fights HIV/AIDS, to create some – ahem – “Condom Couture.”

Later this month – on October 15, to be precise – Mackenroth will unveil a custom wedding dress made entirely of condoms. Some may assume the project would be a breeze for a boy such as Mackenroth, but this project had some particularly sticky challenges.

One of the most pressing challenges sprang from the fact that condoms were heavy and had to be removed from the packages, an undertaking complicated by the fact that Mackenroth’s allergic to latex.

He writes in an email:

I had to have volunteers from Project Inform take them out of the packaging–all 4000 of them–since I can’t even touch latex because I go into anaphylactic shock. No joke. So when the condom packages arrived to my house from San Fran–no one had thought about the fact that they were all lubricated. It was a slushy hot mess. I spent an entire night washing condom wrappers with detergent in my bathtub. Isn’t fashion glamorous?

Well, when you put it that way. See the invitation down below or order tickets here. Mackrenroth wants to see you there – or else!

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  • naprem

    Hmm… while not wishing to be tasteless, pointing out that a man who is allergic to latex is also HIV+ is…. interesting…

  • Jamie Lynn

    There are lots of safe non-latex alternatives–like polyeurathane. Hello.

  • Darth Paul

    I hate his stupid cliche tatts.

  • No 4

    The condom dress has been done before. Nothing new here. He should have worn at least one condom years ago. Trying to STREEEECCCCCHHHHH the two minutes of “fame” he has left.

  • No 4

    …DOH! I forgot the “T”. Just pretend I said it with a lisp.

  • Derek

    I love his tattoos and the fact that he’s doing this for charity. Leaving snarky comments on a blog site isn’t much of a contribution.

  • ggreen

    Nothing says “white trash” like a tattoo (unless it’s two tattoos).

  • Hollie

    I love Jack Mackenroth. What a great cause and what stupid comments…

  • emb

    If one can’t be snarky on a blog site, when can one be snarky, really?

    And Please, the dress sounds ghastly whether he’s doing it for charity or profit or just for giggles.

  • Jim

    my god, what a bunch of vindictive, bitchy queens trolling queerty today! what, you just got home from a mcinsane rally and feeling all vitrioled up? what y’all been doing for charity lately?

  • DavidDust

    I am normally one of the snarkiest bitches on the internet, and I write Project Runway recaps that can be extremely critical of the “fashiontestants”. And I must say, I wasn’t kind to Mr. Mackenroth when he was on the show.

    But a few months ago I met the man in person, and I have to say he was the sweetest guy you will ever meet. So I find this hatred of an HIV-positive gay man, for no apparent reason, to be repulsive.

    There is a time and place to be angry and evil and call people out for being horrible (McCain, Bush, Palin, Bitches that Talk in Movie Theaters) but Jack Mackenroth is simply trying to raise some money for charity.

    Don’t hate, TOLERATE.


    David Dust

  • M Shane

    That people are having some fun with HIV related educational subjects is great. Morbidity falls off in getting attention after a while.

  • ProjectRunway

    Gee, cant even do anything for a good cause cuz these queens have to cry about everything. Get a life cuz what have you contributed for a good cause lately? Your fat butt in front of the computer?

  • Ginger

    Wow! Unbelievable to comment so negatively on something so positive. It’s so true what they say…when people say something negative about others, it’s directly screaming out about their own inadequacies or insecurities. Go get help! This event will rock!!!!

  • IDNY

    Darth Paul – forget his tats, HE himself is a “stupid cliche”.

    and DavidDust(no.11) I think implying that people are commenting negatively on him because he is HIV positive is making a pretty BOLD/SHOCKING argument/statement to make.

    Anything to back it up? If not that’s the kind of poison/blind judgments that we really DONT NEED thrown around in a discussion.

    and I dont think Jack does anything these days “simply” for the benefit of someone else. He wants to be a celebrity after all. Why else is he currently shopping around a reality tv show starring himself and one other project runway alumni to the studios?

    If you whore yourself out for fame/celebrity then your free game for the “snarky” comments and more.

    Because he is gay, HIV positive and was on a couple episodes of a TV show doesn’t make him a gay icon, at least not in my book.

    FYI – That “thing” he made is a creative blunder at the very best.

  • AJ


    J E A L O U S MUCH?

  • Jack Mackenroth

    I usually don’t write into these types of things because there will always be haters but just to clarify a few things–The dress is made out of condoms because every designer (15 0r so) is making one out of condoms. That’s the point of the benefit show. My dress is closing the show with the wedding gown. Try making a dress entirely out of condoms. It’s not easy. I have the glue gun burn to prove it.

    I am not interested in fame. In fact sometimes what little celebrity I have is cumbersome. I am interested in 2 things: paying my mortgage and promoting HIV education and awareness. If “fame” helps me do that then there you go. As far as the new TV show is concerned–they came to me. It may happen, it may not. I’m just promoting it when I can because having a job in this economy is always a perk.

    And regarding my tattoos–Yes the stars are not that original but I love them. To each his own.

    Be good to each other.

    Jack Mackenroth

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