Celebrates Christ's Birth With Queers!

JA Rule Explains Gay Comments

Ja Rule came out to defend his anti-gay comments. In a interview over at Spinner, the rapper claims Complex took him out of context when he “said”: “MTV…is promoting homosexuality, that my kids can’t watch this shit”. Says Mr. Rule:

I was taken out of context. My statement was more about where our mind state is as a people. We’re focused on the wrong things — like, our country is at war right now.

So, what if his kiddies turned queer?

That’s their own preference. I’m going to love them regardless. I have relatives that are homosexuals and, you know, they come over for Christmas, hang out.

Alright, we take back everything we said about Ja Rule. He’s obviously quite the gay activist. He has homos over for Christmas! That’s seriously generous.