oh snap

Jack Mackenroth, Man of Medal

OH SNAP — Jack Mackenroth leaves the Gay Games in Cologne with one gold, five silver, and one bronze medal. “I guess it was the year of the silver medal for me. That’s OK. Silver goes better with my skin tone anyway.” [via]

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  • Alexander

    He is SO f*****g hot! :)

  • Michael

    And the gold medals went to…who?

  • counterpoll

    Thanks, Patrick for the link!

    This is a blog, not a newspaper, but does that journalistic device of who, what, where, when, and why —- or with whom — no longer apply? Mr Mackenroth is posed in front of a swimming basin, but does that mean he is a diver, a swimmer, a triathlete or a lifeguard? His nationality is of no importance — or is it?

    No matter. We’ll leave those minor details to Wikipedia to sort out.
    He looks happy!

    Congrats Jack!
    Savour the moment.
    This is how international bonds are formed.


  • alan brickman

    a positive role model for gays….no pun intended….


    @alan brickman: Absloute Rim Shot! (and you could have intended the pun :-p)

    He really must give a lot of + persons hope being able to look so good despite being + for a number of years now…….*Yay Jack*

  • YeahRight

    Hot, but total gay face. Next step: Porn.

  • ROB

    Totally hot…

    And he’s forty-bloody-one!!

  • jimstoic

    Mackenroth is a HILARIOUS tweeter. Follow him!

  • Enron

    Man, I would love to be at this just to see the abs and pecs.

  • NateB79

    @Alexander: Agreed.

  • Bubba

    Why the need for a “gay games”? Do we really need to keep segregating ourselves more? What hogwash.

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