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Jack Mackenroth’s New Drag Show … A ‘Mo Told James Franco to Do Soaps

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→ Fashion designer, competitive swimmer, reality show host? Project Runway‘s Jack Mackenroth is producing The Queens of Drag, which is just a pilot as yet.

→ Ohio State Rep. Tyrone Yates kindly asks his fellow lawmakers to repeal a little part of the state’s constitution banning gay marriage.

→ Are only 21 (of a necessary 32) New York State senators on board with marriage equality?

Glee: The one where Kurt’s dad get’s a phone call about his “fag” song.


→ Why is James Franco starring on General Hospital? Because his friend and collabo, artist Carter (who directed the very meta Erased James Franco), suggested he do it. As training, or rehearsal, or footage for another project. Or something.

→ Australia’s Capital Territory says yes to gay civil union ceremonies. Wait, they weren’t allowed to have ceremonies before?

→ A new magazine for “transversal style.”

→ It’s Maggie Gallagher, circa 1980s.

→ No surprise Rhode Island Attorney General Patrick Lynch is blasting Gov. Don Carcieri’s “gay funeral arrangements” bill veto: He’s running against him next year.

→ Might Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet become the first openly gay and married U.S. congressman?

→ With Sunday’s AMC premiere of The Prisoner, Ian McKellan has a whole new publicity cycle to tout gay rights.

→ Arrested for (gay) flag burning.