Jackie Beat Threatens Thug With Beat-Down


Don’t mess with a pissed-off drag queen on the corner of “Fag St. and Sodomite Boulevard,” or she will bring her posse of homos to run you out of town. That is exactly what happened the other night as L.A. drag queen Jackie Beat got harassed walking to her car after a night of performing.

Before I knew it, I had about fifty people ready to rumble. We all walked out the door and towards the guy. You should have seen the look on his face as I asked, “STILL GONNA’ KICK MY ASS, FUCKFACE!?”

The scene ended nonviolently, but we join Jackie in hoping “a little bit of pee dribbled out of him.” Check out Jackie’s new blog when you get the chance. It’s less than a week old and wickedly funny.

Bashing Back! [Jackie Beat Rules via ELH]