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Jackie Mason Fears Being Marauded By Gays In The Street

jackiemasonIt seems octogenarian unfunnyman Jackie Mason recently shared some not-altogether choice words about homosexuality during an unaired, wholly unnecessary interview with Aaron Klein Investigative Radio. “Before, you couldn’t pick on homosexuals because it was bad taste,” said the shuttered laff factory, “because homosexuals were a persecuted minority. Now, it’s exactly the opposite. Homosexuals can attack and abuse you. And people who are in favor of same-sex marriage could abuse you, but you can’t say a word against same-sex marriage.”

Babbling on — we’re imagining over mouthfuls of steamed prunes — the 84-year-old host of Tales from the Crypt stand-up comedian said: “The homosexuals are now in charge, and if they find out you’re a heterosexual, you’re afraid to walk in the street already.”

It’s the first time Jackie Mason said anything that made us laugh.

h/t: Pink News