Jackie Warner Under Fan Fire

Jackie Warner better watch her back.

Some of the lesbian gym bunny’s fans were none-too-pleased with her performance on last night’s Work Out, during which she fired one of her impossibly annoying trainers. And, as a means of venting their frustration, these “fans” are petitioning Bravo to cancel Warner and her “bad behavior.” Here’s what one mutinous lady-lover said about Warner:

Last night was the final straw for lots of fans. They feel that Jackie is a poster child for bad behavior, [a] very negative icon for the gay and lesbian community.

I am a lesbian.This woman’s behavior in the workplace is really awful.

Should lesbians act any differently, especially when being taped for reality television?

We don’t watch the show – reality scares us! – but these people must be overreacting, right? It’s television, people!

You can’t have Warner running around being cuddly and cute, can you? That does nothing to quench the world’s woeful interest in fabricated nonfiction.

We do, however, think that Warner deserves a finger-wagging for this terrible tan job! Shame on you, Jackie!

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  • walt zipprian

    Hey, has anybody been to that shitty ilovezeren site?

    It’s really really lame.

  • Buffy

    @ Walt

    Yes! and it scared the shit out of me!

  • CondeNasty

    Yeah I never understood business people allowing cameras to record their bad moments for the world to see. I thought she was an idiot in season one for brazenly dating an employee, but last night was an all time low. She showed herself to be irrational, cruel and frankly ridiculous.

  • John Santos

    Yes, Walt, I’ve been there and I pissed myself laughing. I’ve been to your site too. I pissed myself laughing there as well, but I don’t think that was your intention.

  • Z

    Hey Walter_:):):)
    You don’t have to read my blog.
    Mine is intentionally funny and provocative.
    Pls! Don’t waste your valuable time with my lame blog I don’t want to get into blog fight anyway.
    I’m sure yours is so meaningful but sorry I don’t have time to read it.:):)

    THANK U JOHN!:):)

  • ctSF

    Okay, I’m ashamed to admit it, but I watch Workout, so here’ my $.02: the doofus she fired deserved it. He’s been an arrogant, pain in the rectum since the show started. The funnier part about the emails from the numbskull fans is that the show was shot months ago, so if he hasn’t been rehired, all their bitching is not going to change anything for the next week. This isn’t American Idol.

  • pendragon

    Is that Brigitte Neilsen now?

  • Geoffrey

    As a 100% happy gay guy….I have a serious lez crush on Jackie. The woman rocks. As for her firing Peeler, I think he probably deserved it. She is the boss after all…but I’m sad to see him go as I admired his devotion to Doug (the gay trainer that died last year/season) and also…..he was some fun eye candy. I hope she brings him back but it looked like she had definitely had her fill of him. (Jeez are all fans of reality shows as rabid as I’m feeling? Help!)

  • crazylove

    actually I started out liking her, but as of this season- I think she’s just a nasty person from the way the show portrays her. Lets look at the reasons why this guy was mad with her- a) it was because she was trying to profit from his friends death and had the audacity to say that’s wrong and b) because her nasty assistant talked about the breast implants of a woman who had breast cancer. That’s just kind of nasty.

  • Alan down in Florida

    She is not the supervisor or just the boss. She owns the f*ing business and as long as she is not violating any laws there is no reason to continue employing someone who was constantly undermining her authority and whining. As it stands Peeler was the token breeder who probably only kept his job to prevent the perception that this isn’t a show just for queers.

  • PalePhoenix

    Hey, has anybody been to that shitty ilovezeren site?

    I think we all have, by now…which was his point. Just clicking on his “Z” nick would take you there, so there’s no reason to double-spam with every reactionary post he makes, but let’s not digress.

    According to a statement made by Jackie herself, it’s the producers who had her keep Brian Peeler on, show after show, and not her own better instincts as a trainer, employer, or lesbian. To her credit, she tried to make it work on multiple occasions, but I’ll bet none of us really know what it’s like to be a out gay woman having meaty fagbait pushed down your throat for the sake of a TV show (that sounded dirtier than I meant it to).

    Warner also implies that her better side gets left on the cutting room floor a whole lot (note: that’s NOT my blog). I think we all know by now what “reality” shows do to their participants lives for the sake of pumping up the drama.

    All this aside, I happened to see the ep in question and think both of them overreacted, like the whole office has an ambient level of ‘roid rage w/o the ‘roids. Peeler can obviously be something of a dick, but hell, *I* like looking at him, even if I may have projected a greater level of sensitivity on him than he actually has. For her part, Jackie is an office diva.

    If we transposed her behaviors to a regular business environment, she’d be fired and sued five times over, but since she owns and runs the place, she can be as much of a control freak as those bosses who don’t let their employees smoke or drink in their own homes. I wish her all the success and happiness life can offer, but she could stand to step back from certain confrontations when she knows they’re going to cause everyone pain. She’d probably turn around and say that life is about taking those challenges head on and making tough decisions, but while that’s a fair principle to maintain, it doesn’t work in every situation.

  • Michael

    Whether he deserved it or not, she is horribly unprofessional in the way that she runs that place and talks about her clients and employees behind their backs. She’s a sad mess who has been quite fortunate, which is, of course, why it makes for such a delicious guilty pleasure to watch.

  • TY and Dakota

    We are two lesbians that just caught the show. We were appalled at the image that Jackie portrays of lesbians. We are not sex starved predators of straight women. Nor are we trying to replace hetero men by displaying our giant balls in the workplace. Demeaning remarks and fucked up attitudes are not appropriate in any workplace, especially by the boss. She can be sued for sexual harrassment by taking straight girls on a gay cruiuse without giving them an option. Our fingers are tired so to cut this shit short Jackie Warner sucks. And Lisa, her office manager is a poor representation of the black community and is a sterrotype in the worst way. She is a new version of the old house negro. Any way you cut it, it’s all bad. We will not watch the show any longer and we are returning the t-shirts we bought IMMEDIATELY.

  • dale

    From bodybuilding.com, before it got deleted:

    Originally Posted by JamieEason
    First off, I was training and Peeler almost made me throw up, so yes, I probably didn’t look my best. He had me doing crazy plyos and inverted sit-ups on an exercise ball, holding my legs.

    Second of all, Jackie was the one who was doing the trash talking and Lisa chimed in. If you go to Bravo’s site, she completely denies ever saying anything. She is extremely unprofessional. She never even acknowledged, not during or after the incident. That was my first and last time to ever train there. I only went on the show as a favor to Brian Peeler. To say that she didn’t know who I was seems absurd since I had to sign off to even appear on the show. I do not have a trainer and haven’t had one years. It is really unfortunate that they used that incident to fire Peeler.

  • chadnnocal

    As a community we need to be concerned about the images and messages that are being sent. We forget how easy it is for those that oppose us to label us all as sharing the values portrayed by Jackie Warner.

    Jackie Warner a dishonest, immoral, ego-centric, mess that should not be allowed to mange her own mental health much less to manage other people. Her total lack of honesty, integrity and accountability concern me as some viewers may interpret her behavior as being typical of gay people. IT IS NOT!

    I support the efforts of those that are encouraging Bravo to pull the plug on this show. In the long run it demeans us as a community. I can just hear conservative pundits watching this saying “see how they act?” “this is why they shouldn’t be allowed to get married, raise children or have job security”. Great work Jackie, you have set our movement back twenty years!

  • patti

    She is truly living up to that oh so famous term “psycho lesbian”. A real professional would not discuss personnel issues with others in the same position. She is continually seen bad mouthing her trainers to other trainers. she is unprofessional and not a good role model for the gay community. She cheats, drinks too much, need I say more.

  • Mel

    Her show should be cancelled and her business should be run out of town. First she dates one of her own trainers, then have the nerve to criticize the new trainer for dating a client (or being friendly with a client). Then she fires a trainer (Peeler) for standing up for his client; however, did you notice she never ever corrected or explained to her business manager (Miss Tattle tale) that it is unprofessional to talk about a client. She is a horrible leader, she only wants people working for her that will not challenge her choices. This is why Peeler was fired, he challenged her too much. She is a disgrace to any community, not just the gay community. Hooray to Gatorade for pulling their sponsorship. Jackie can you feel yourself slipping, slipping, slipping – you remember the way you treat people determines where you will end up in the future – again I ask can you feel yourself slipping. You’re going down!!!

  • Farleece

    I’m sure Jackie nervously glancing at the camera (a la Ricky Gervaise in The Office) when Peeler confronted her about trashing his client was edited out! It was obvious to me viewing this episode that her office manager took the rap for it.

  • Mary

    I am a lesbian. I am a cancer statistician. I also work where breast cancer patients and survivors appear for health screening every day.

    Jackie Warner is, as far as I’m concerned, right up there tying for first place with Rosie O’Donnell in the “Bitchy Annoying Lesbians in the Media.”

    My partner works in television. As she says, “the editors work with WHAT THEY HAVE.” doesn’t matter that the show is edited. The SOURCE material (comments) was there, for them to work with.

    Shame on Jackie Warner. Way to uphold the psycho-lesbian stereotype, gash. I’d love to train with Mr. Peeler now. And good for Gatorade/Propel.

  • CAm

    Jackie participating in the sexual harrassment of a client in her gym. When the trainer came to her to complain about her and her assistants harrassing comments she fired him. If Jackie was a fat old guy she would have been sued and had protesters mobbing Bravo TV. Since she is a woman people don’t think she can be a harrasser. The fact is, the client Jamie Eason, says that it was Jackie doing most of the trash talking and that her assistant just joined in. Jackie gives lesbians and the entire gay community a bad name. Bravo needs to take out the trash.

  • elmore

    I don’t see Peeler as annoying at all; I see someone who wants approval from his employer who keeps treating him like crap. Whether or not she likes him, a good employer would keep her mouth shut as long as he was doing a good job. She hits on her employees in the cruise episode, she’s got control issues (“I paid for this cruise so I can treat you as badly as I want” attitude), she won’t discuss Peeler’s problem about her dishing openly his client, and to me it spells one thing: she’s got no personnel skills. And on top of it, she’s a rotten woman and a role model to no one.

  • lily

    Go to Ask a lesbian website – juicy news with a twist- fake ass show.
    Get the show off the air either way- the trainers are lackluster and do nothing. Erika looks like a skelton with wrinkles and the latin trainer has an assortment of bumps around her mouth all of the time GROSS!

  • Melanie

    I am pretty much over this show. It is amazing that Jackie feels free to give guidance on life to her Skysport clients when her’s is about as screwed up as they come. Just because she is not fat does not make her a life coach. As an employer with nearly 100 employees I am embarrased at her obvious lack of leadership qualities. I find it sad when people are so insecure that they make themselves feel better by putting others down. One of the things that you learn early on is that being the boss doesn’t make you right. The ability to say I was wrong, I am sorry, and have a little grace when dealing with others would have saved this show.

  • Jen

    And I just tuned in! I thought I’d get some helpful hints….NOT! I don’t like how the clients are pushed way beyond what they can handle! I was overweight and never pushed myself beyond what I couldn’t handle and I’ve lost 45 pounds! And still going…….I changed my diet and exercised an hour a day for 5 days. They show the clients no pity! And to have them almost to the point of barfing? That’s not healthy nor inspiring to others. Oh, And it was wrong to say negative things about a client. If it wasn’t Jackie, but Lisa, why wasn’t Lisa then fired? It wasn’t professional behavior! Firing Peeler was wrong, too, even though Peeler could’ve handled it a bit different, so could’ve Jackie! Not a good show for anyone really. But then that’s reality tv!

  • David

    You are a disgusting tramp jackie warner! You portray to the entire world that just being gay constitutes sleeping with everyone with whom you come in contact. In all reality, I am glad that the majority of gay people ARE NOT like you! People watched the show because of your trainers, not to get a taste and glimpse of your sexual predatory desires. Those close to you who befriend you are merely puppets without a voice or without a mind. Congrats to Peeler for having the balls to stand up for his client! I have watched every episode of workout, but the firing of Peeler was MY LAST!!!!

    Karma is a bitch. You WILL fall and you WILL fail. We will be waiting and applauding when you do!

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