Jackie Warner Under Fan Fire

Jackie Warner better watch her back.

Some of the lesbian gym bunny’s fans were none-too-pleased with her performance on last night’s Work Out, during which she fired one of her impossibly annoying trainers. And, as a means of venting their frustration, these “fans” are petitioning Bravo to cancel Warner and her “bad behavior.” Here’s what one mutinous lady-lover said about Warner:

Last night was the final straw for lots of fans. They feel that Jackie is a poster child for bad behavior, [a] very negative icon for the gay and lesbian community.

I am a lesbian.This woman’s behavior in the workplace is really awful.

Should lesbians act any differently, especially when being taped for reality television?

We don’t watch the show – reality scares us! – but these people must be overreacting, right? It’s television, people!

You can’t have Warner running around being cuddly and cute, can you? That does nothing to quench the world’s woeful interest in fabricated nonfiction.

We do, however, think that Warner deserves a finger-wagging for this terrible tan job! Shame on you, Jackie!