Jackie Warner’s Pride Pay Off?

Bravo’s Jackie Warner may flaunt her faggotry on national television, but the Workout ring leader allegedly needs a little lubrication to get down with Gay Pride. The scamps over at LA Rag Mag claim Warner’s been paid $10,000 to appear in this weekend’s Los Angeles Pride parade:

It’s no secret that some famous gays get paid to ride on a float during the Los Angeles Pride Festival, but we were shocked to learn that Jackie Warner is getting paid $10,000 to ride on a float this Sunday for Pride.

Whatever, we’d totally accept ten grand to wave for a few hours. Warner’s obviously a brilliant business woman.

As a gay activist willing to do right by her queer peers?? Well, not so much…

[Update: The float in question’s allegedly the NBC float. NBC Universal, of course, owns Bravo, the network for which Warner works (out).]