Jake Gyllenhaal And Jon Hamm Play Nice For Hillary


At last, all of our slash fantasies are coming true: Jake Gyllenhaal and John Haam, together at last! Only not naked, as we’d imagined. But still, they’re together, and that’s pretty good news. And it’s for an excellent cause: saving us from the terrible specter of a Trump presidency.

They staged a little performance earlier this month at the Broadway fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, and now clips from the event are making their way online. It was a section of Sinclair Lewis’ “It Can’t Happen Here,” in which a charismatic speaker finds himself elected president and soon becomes a dictator. It certainly COULDN’T happen here, no sir, not a chance.

The novel came out in the middle of the Depression (the big one from the 1930s) and it was just pre-World War II. Let’s hope that’s not a period about to repeat itself. But oh God, humans do not learn their lessons and just repeat the same stupid mistakes over and over and over. The book was considered for a movie adaptation in the late 30s but Germany bribed Hollywood studios to drop the project — a real profile in courage, there, film industry. Eventually it was adapted into the miniseries V in the 1980s, replacing the Nazis with aliens.

The story describes a populist who whips out of fear of a nonexistent Other, opposed by a virtuous journalist. It is upsetting to consider the parallels any further, but consider them we must, or else the world could end. What a wonderful election cycle this has been!

In totally unrelated news, Donald Trump waved a rainbow flag around at a rally. He is also surrounded by people who want to destroy LGBT people, but hey, he waved a flag so he’s definitely better than Hillary.

Watch below: